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Agnur Iron Fist

He’ll drink you under the table or throw you through it

Introducing the very first fighter of Fantasy Fight Club Agnar Iron fist an alcoholic dwarf with a mech golem for a body-guard. For what he lacks in size he makes up in raw speed, a well-rounded fighter designed to suit launcher combos backed up with the power of his super moves.


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I’m Edward Newton

Professional Bartender & Indie games developer

I am a games developer graduate, with basic knowledge in the coding languages HMTL5, java, JavaScript, C#, ActionScript, C++, openGL, XNA and python. I also have experience using the Unity game engine and 3DSMAX. My choice of IDE’s are Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse and Notepad++. My primary langue is C#.

I have a true passion for software development and video game design. Self-motivated and determined to improve my already existing skills. I’m an enthusiastic and motivated team player, with the ability to communicate well with a diverse range of people.