The first tomb raider game in the rebooted franchise is a masterpiece and its squeal is no different. From the very moment you start playing you know you are in for a treat, you start on a mountain top shivering from the cold. It looks beautiful! Even though i’m playing this on Xbox one the graphics are no less stunning.

Mountain climbing was a great way of reintroducing me to the games controls and made me sweat from the tension as the well choreographed scenes played out!
Things go awe and miss croft blacks out. #FlashBackTime

We didn’t get much info on her dad or what happened to the croft family in the last game, in fact we didn’t really have time to dwell on it. Too busying saving friends/dip shit archaeologists or trying to survive wolf attacks.

The very first cut scene shows that the strong independent croft we knew in the first game has been reduced to a paranoid shut in. She’s constantly listening to her fathers old voice recordings and mulling over his old research papers. Clearly she regrets something about her father’s death and it is eating her up inside. We also get the impression that someone else is sifting through her dads stuff looking for something. #mysterious

Skipping through “#spoilers” the cut scene sets us up to travel to Syria in search of a tomb! Another cut scene! This time in a 4×4 accompanied by a snake of a man. Fuck that guy. More “spoilers” happen and you are back on foot.

The game quickly introduces you to its puzzles and collectible mini game, I have to say it’s the best thing to happen to tedious object collecting in games since Crackdown 2.
The more things you read or find the better Lara gets at a particular languages for example reading a Greek messengers scroll improves Lara’s Greek allowing her to read more things that unlock or show more things on the map that let you get better at Greek. Its very addictive! First time i have ever wanted to collect everything before finishing the game for a reason other than gamerscore.

Once you complete the Syria mission you fast forward back to the mountain were the game first started and you are tasked with finding shelter and building a fire much like the first game.

Combat is exactly the same as the previous title, there are new weapons and arrow types. Plenty of upgrades too! If it aint broke dont fix it.

Level design and puzzles throughout the game are perfect, the attention to detail the level designers have put into this game is astounding! Honestly just take the time to look around a bit every so often and you’ll begin to understand how much works has been put into making this game!

Puzzles are not overly complex or difficult, but not everyone will connect the dots as fast as others, only one puzzle stumped me near the end of the game involving buckets, water and a golden wrecking balls. I missed the release pulley on the bucket and spent a solid 20 mins scratching my head and getting angry.

Tomb raider is a hard game to review because i feel like every moment i describe is a spoiler, the jump scares, bosses, puzzles, locations and character are all so sudden and unexpected i feel like i’d ruin the experience for you! Some plot points are predictable and the last boss fight is quite the disappointment in comparison to the first game. A particular enemy type that’s hyped up a lot also feels very underwhelming after the first few kills.

Jump scares and brutal death animations are still as shocking and hilarious to watch as ever.

Rise of the Tomb raider gets a solid 10/10 i played the game start to finish without so much as a blip. It’s pure escapism.

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