I’m 26 years old and i have played, watched and read almost everything Star Wars, my childhood was Star Wars! The sound of a light saber throws me back to beating my friends with plastic replicas in the street.

Ready to play mode popped 30% into the download and i got to fool around with Darth Vader, the novelty ran out after about 30 minutes.

-1 point for the auto lock camera angle messing up thing
-1 point for the same bug being in the BETA (which i played) and still hasn’t been fixed.

It’s already starting to smell a lot like EA.

Tutorial / skirmishes/ horde mode

Started off with the tutorial like i normally do with all games i play, I played a lot of the BETA so i know the basics but i wanted to see if anything had changed. To my surprise the missions are really fun! A few take scenes from the films but you play from a different perspective such as playing as the empire scouts on Endor, the others missions are “what if” situations for example letting  you play as the emperor on Hoths base mission rather than Vader.

It has a challenge system like Rainbow six siege, you must fulfill certain requirements as well as completing the mission to earn “stars”.

Each mission has at least three to six stars. They are mostly kill a certain amount of enemies, complete the mission in a certain time limit or do them on a certain difficulty. Pretty dull but there worth doing for the credits!

Whats the point in credits you may ask, well you can customize your rebel / trooper! Credits are also used to buy weapons and “cards” that give you certain equipment like grenades ect.

Visual customization is pretty basic at least until you get to level 50 and have 17,000 credits then you can change your race or become a Dark trooper.

Skirmishes and horde mode are great for a little co op fun but not much else. You can mess around and get use to weapons, vehicles and heroes too  but there really isn’t much point in practicing unlike Rainbow six siege there is no Esport vibe here. Just chaotic multiplayer madness!

Fighter squadron-

Basically EA’s attempt at rouge squadron, this was the first game type i played and i love it! It might get old fast for some people but for me there is nothing more entertaining than blasting X-wings outta the sky. I’d definitely like more ship variety or even some customization, More locations would be nice too! but overall a solid game type you can have a lot of fun in!

Actually -5 points for the lack of variety this game mode has to offer. It’s not like Star wars is new, there are plenty of ships that could have been added and EA had plenty of time to do so.

-1 point for unbalanced sides, the empire is far better ship wise.

Hero vs Villains –

Now this was the best game mode on previous battlefront games, everyone loved it! Its such a shame how fucking bad they made it in this one. Firstly not everyone is a hero only 3 people per side can be, secondly you only get one life with them so once your dead that is it. You don’t get to choose who you play as either its assigned randomly, 2/3 heroes on the light side (han and leia) are really dull to play as. You just don’t feel special or menacing, players should flee before you but instead they all rush to kill you.

It’s more of a game of hide n seek than a battle of heroes since the only way to win a round is to kill all three enemy heroes and people just end up hiding or camping in places with only one entrance.

-5 points for making this game mode shit.
-5 points for the jittery running you get half the time.
-5 points for making it best of 5 rounds in hero vs villain
-5 points for not being able to skip your end game points/XP

Hero Hunt – is basically the same as the game mode mentioned above but just more boring, it took me a solid 10 minutes to even find a game with enough players. Think that says it all.

Blast/ cargo / drop zone / droid run- Blast is the standard death match it’s fast paced and not too long, the maps are well sized and the power ups are suited to the amount of players on the map. Cargo is the same but you must defend areas for a certain amount of time, Drop zone is exactly the same but the areas move and droid run is basically moving Supremacy with a lot less players on the map. There isn’t anything wrong with these games types but there isn’t anything worth noting either. They are the standard you expect to see in shooter games.

Fuck playing against the rebels on Endor and Fuck Endor too!
-5 points for unfair camo advantage, that may seem a little whiny but I stand by it.

Supremacy / walker assault/ turning point  – This is the game mode that everyone plays, there isn’t much difference between the three other than objective. Teams of 20 vs 20 fight for control or defend a key asset for their side. This is classic battlefield.

There’s nothing like fighting side by side with darth Vader as tie fighters fly overhead blasting x wings out the sky, with an At-At at your back turning everything in its path into rubble! But the novelty wears off after a few games, Vader becomes a target and a rallying cry of the enemy. He’s rushed and killed within a few minutes.

The At-At is very very slow and can only be manned for a few minutes at a time, there’s hardly anything to shoot when your in one too since everyone hides away until your shields are dropped by a bombing run.

annnnnnnd that’s about it……there is very little content to eat through, no doubt the expansions will change that but this is supposed to be a £55 game. I’ve played it for less than 5 hours and i feel like I’ve done everything, the replay value is there so long as you don’t get bored of the same 5 maps! Even then there is not much reason to level up your character the weapons are boring, normally i spot something i want to save up for, something to be excited about using! But the standard blaster you get for either side are the best weapons in the game.

-10 points for making Star Wars boring.

Star Wars battlefront is a pretty game, it’s sounds just like Star Wars should and it has some of the iconic weapons, characters, locations and vehicles but there just isn’t enough of it! It’s doesn’t do anything to improve the shooter genre and seems to be just piggy backing on the brand name alone for that ridiculous price tag!

Star Wars Battlefront gets 6/10 – wait until a sale or packaged DLC deals

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