This is the start of a weekly blog spot that i’ll be doing until the end of the year. The purpose? To make one game per week for a total of 6 games! i’ll be detailing each days progress, hicups and general thoughts in a weekly summary like this one for every game.

If nothing else this will keep me busy, focused and most importantly actually practicing code. The games i produce will be a nice addition to my portfolio AND at the end of the year ill be uploading them all to the googleplay/app store for some much-needed income……Potentially….

I have given myself a few rules to follow every week to stop myself from getting bogged down / unmotivated.

– The deadline for every game is Sunday 10pm

– The weekly cycle is Monday to Sunday

-The weekly summary MUST be posted by Sunday

-I can extend a game to a Monday deadline if it is unplayable on Sunday.

-I have a maximum budget of £10 for assets on the store per game. Previous assets purchases are obviously allowed.

priority is:- Job> code > gym > day off. Unfortunately i have to work a full time job.

-Keep things simple! Mini games/ mobile games with basic gameplay mechanisms.


The idea
Based upon a basic template found on the unity asset store and made by unity themselves i’m going to convert it to 2D, replace the art with my own (paid for assets) add multiple game modes, power ups, boss fights and 10 levels.

Monday –
Spent the entire day looking through unity templates and re-learning the basics, made some small attempts at converting the template i’d settled on from 3D to 2D. Little in the way of progress but day #1 was always going to be testing/idea day

Tuesday –
Full conversion from 3D to 2D achieved and i have started to replace the current assets with my own art. The methods in the enemy behavior scripts are very infuriating, half of the template’s code is split up into lots of very small scripts and then interlinked via game objects urrrrggghhhh its going to take a day to re-write

Wednesday –
Code re-written, enemy behaviors revamped and more interesting game play wise have fixed the performance issues by ensuring that the game objects spawned when playing a sound are deleted after being played…

Thursday –
Time attack game mode finished

Friday & Saturday –
No progress made, had to work long hours.

Sunday –
Arcade mode finished, player now has a shield, there is a menu screen with a massive ship with three turrets shooting asteroids automatically, you can return from the two different modes to the start screen.

Unfortunately i am writing this after Sunday and so have forgotten a lot of the fixes and changes i made…hence the lack of detail in the weekly summary. I ended up working a lot more than i should have an thus had less time to actually code. However the game is in a state that can be polished and added to easily, i will 100% return to this next year!

Features to include:
-boss fights / survival mode
-player power ups
-story mode
-improved particle effects
-more enemys

….a sorry start to the my challenge!!

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