My hearts beating so hard it feels like it’s trying to Escape, my hands are sweating and I can feel my grip on the controller getting worse. It’s a feeling of intensity that comes with being the last person alive to defend the hostage. Your dead team mates watching your every move, scrutinizing every choice. Then bam! You spot the enemy poking their head through a doorway and get a quick and satisfying head shot.The game informs you it’s now 1 vs 1, the wall on the right to explodes with a thunderous boom I Set my sites on the new opening annnnnnd I’m gunned down from behind…how embarrassing.

That’s the beauty of rainbow six it’s not just a basic first person shooter, it’s a physiological war!

Single player / tutorial / challenges
Let’s make this clear, there is not a single player campaign. There is however a set of missions that introduce players to the game mechanics, controls and operatives.
The first set of missions are simple enough (so long as you are not on realistic) basically kill these guys or keep this hostage safe. They start to get harder and are built around certain operatives, for example using EMP grenades to bypass an entire house full of C4.
It’s also a good way of learning the maps which is paramount if you want start winning online.

If you complete all of the missions you get a bonus mission that gives you a free weapon skin and the only bit of story the game will offer, which is a shame since that mission is by far the funnest one to play!

Terrorist hunt
You can play solo or as a five man team. The type of match you play is randomized and are a good way to practice with different operatives or try out weapons.

-1 point for falling through the map

Not really much to say about terrorist hunt, it’s basically the single player missions but with co-op and a vamped up difficulty.

So unlike most FPS these days you don’t have a load-out, instead you have characters with specific roles and weapons that can be modded but that’s it! They are called operatives, you can’t have two of the same operative in the same match and none of them are more powerful than the others.

You must unlock them with in game currency, so make sure the first few you pick are the play style you like! (You get a cool video with each character that shows you what their best used for).

When selecting operatives its first come first serve so if someone else picks you favorite character before you do, you better have a back up or you’ll be stuck with the “recruit” that has no special ability.

Speaking of which every operative does something special that helps your team as whole such as being able to breach fortified walls or block off walls and windows with bullet proof metal. This has a rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock effect where certain abilities cancel out or beat others.

I’m going to get the point reductions out-of-the-way right now so i can talk about the main part of the game without having to mention one problem here and there.

-20 points for the utterly shit servers that kick you for no reason! I’m not talking about losing connection to the host or even in-game lagg, the Ubisoft servers are wank! For a £55 game that’s entirely based online you’d think its something they would be on top of! But nope! After every other match i play the game will kick me back to the main menu, remove me from my squad and then spend a solid 5 minutes trying to reconnect. Bearing in mind i’m still chatting away in my xbox live part without any interruption. Its a serious problem and gets old FAST.

-10 points for game state sync. The easiest way to describe this to you is as follows. I’m walking down a hallway, i see someone but they haven’t seen me. I crouch, take aim and fire and then duck behind a wall. On my screen i’m laying down weapon pointed at the door, but on my death cam i’m stood up half behind the wall half exposed to the bullets that just killed me. Now most people call this “lag” however i call it bullshit. Again my point being that ANY game entirely based online has to work flawlessly 99% of the time. But this happens in 50% of games i have played and not just to me, you see it in the game ending kill cams all of the time. This also gets old. FAST.
When the servers are working however the game shines! There is nothing more satisfying than making the defenders squirm as you set off breach charge after breach charge from different sides only to burst through a bullet proof door  on the other side with a sledgehammer and shoot them all from behind.

Defending an area is just as fun! Especially when you have a team that talk to each other, fortifying every wall but one and putting down signal jammers  to stop breach and thermite charges being used results in pure chaos since the attacking side has to come through the one unfortified wall!

But there are also the moments when the team doesn’t talk to each other, they go off on their own and get picked off or just camp out in a very vulnerable area and end up dying in dumb ways.

Multiplayer when it works is great fun! Doesn’t matter if you win or lose you still end up having a good time, its a very memorable experience! But when it doesn’t work you wonder why you bothered spending the money at all.

Rainbow six siege gets a 7/10 – only worth buying if playing with a group of friends

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