Planet Defender

(yes another space game)

The Idea
This time we are taking a super simple game concept of defending a circle from other circles using circles. sounds dumb i know…. BUT in theory it could be very easy to make this a game about defending a planet with a ship from asteroids/aliens ect with added features!

template cost £5 from the asset store called “Orbit”

Monday & Tuesday
Not letting a lack of sleep and working get in the way today! Actually at work now with my laptop getting on with it.

-Posted previous game dev diary
-new game idea
-found template

The template is total shit. It is hands down the worst asset i have spent money on, the main script “gameloop” actually runs everything, main menu, settings, store ect ect the code to play sounds and destroy objects calls functions from other scripts to destroy objects in an array made from instantiated prefabs…. IN ANOTHER SCRIPT just fucking used one script for that object urrgggh. It’s like this for all aspects of the game.



The entire point of me using templates is to negate the fact i have a full time job on top of this and actually need to produce something. With a template i get a base idea, with simple base code that i can then rewrite in my style and then improve upon. It’s almost akin to modding ….but the entire game.

Going to power through and start with the art assets / main menu.

So starting with the GUI and art assets turned out to be totally pointless and i wasted most of a day, my new approach is to delete everything that isn’t needed for the game to run, rewrite the code to a correct format that makes sense, fix all the bugs and shoddy methods then build back up from their with a GUI and more gameplay elements.

Sounds simple but it really isn’t, the joys of using of people’s code….

Finally made some progress, i have a “mothership” with a drone ship that orbits it, asteroids are spawned in random locations and with random velocity and are destroyed upon impact with the “motherships” shield.

the original template once again causing unnecessary issues, the method used to rotate the player around was to add a child object to an empty one and then move this object manually to the correct position around the “mothership” and then using code to rotate the parent object would in turn rotate the child….*insert massive eye roll*

My grammar and spelling has let me down today a little as i’m using tags on collides to determine if something has been hit, having capital letters in tags but not in code had me stumped for about an hour……

Tomorrow will be Bomb spawns, shield health and GUI


Bombs have now been changed to “mini shields” as the sphere collider overlay i was using to detect if an object tagged with the “asteroid” name was in the explosive radius and then destroying it, down right refused to work and as i am on a time limit i opted to cheat a little and use the “void on trigger enter 2d” collision detection to find the asteroids and destroy them.

GUI and UI can wait today as i need to come up with a new “theme” to fit the changes made to the game-play for the sake of time saving….yeah i know…

So I’m sticking with the planet defender idea, but the “mothership” will be used as the starting level and player will build up to plants defending. I have tweaked the stats of everything else and added in some features. To start with the asteroids have randomized velocity and rotation, the player’s speed has been slowed down and the player can now use “boosts” or “reverse” power ups. All of these new features will change per level to increase the difficulty adding more depth than the original template.

Asteroids will now have particle effects attached to them to make the scene more interesting and colorful, as will the player. The planet will have a health bar rather than a big ugly blue shield around it and rather than dropping bombs the player will spawn shield walls to protect the planet. The background will also feature some animation.

Each level will be a different planet with a different spawn rate and speed for asteroids, this also leaves potential for new “enemy” later on in development or when i come back to it next year.

The planet / ship the player has to defend now has a visible health bar that gets small upon taking damage. There are also buttons for the “boost” and “reverse” power up with numbers that tell the player how many times left they can use the powers. When reaching 0 the buttons stop working.

The Bomb / shield things the player drops to defend from asteroids now drop in sets of three to cover more area but the objects themselves are smaller and only last 2 seconds before expiring. The drops are limited to a total of 9 on-screen at a time but they can only be created if there is 3 spaces available stopping players from spamming.

The asteroids now come in all shapes and sizes with variable speeds, damage and rotation however i have no added the particle effects yet.


I’m out of time now but i’m happy with what little progress i have made, given another week on this sometime next year with a new perspective i reckon i could make something worth while here.

To dos
– particle effects for asteroid movement and destruction
– particle effects for “bombs”
– visual damage for ship / planet
– points system
– game over and start screen
– ads and/or micro transactions
– more levels & reasons to progress

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