Phone is switched off, blinds are shut, volume is set to maximum, drinks and snacks are to the side of me and most importantly my controller is fully charged. This article will also be spoiler free. This is for the Xbox one version.

Making my character
Normally when i play an RPG that allows the customization of the player character i randomized the face until i get something that either matches my actual face or just looks good. I then change the eye colour to blue and the hair to a blondeish ginger and then i’m done, ready to play. No wasting countless hours trying to make myself in game.

However fallout 4 has extensive customization that only the sims 4 can compete with, in fact i’d go as far as to say this surpasses the sims. I wont lie about how long i spent making my character …so i just wont tell you, During the E3 press conference they mentioned that off spring would be generated upon the appearance of the couple so i also spent a large amount of time customizing the female character too! Hopefully it pays off…otherwise, time wasted.


nothing like me

The controls do take some getting use too. So the plan is to jump through all the tutorial hoops, complete a few quests and acquire enough resources, money and gear to build myself a small home all whilst trying not to shoot my dog in face  during skirmishes with raiders.

So i died a few times during the tutorial but that’s to be expected, i was a little underwhelmed by the events that transpire from Character creation to the end of the tutorial and it turns out i did waste my time editing the female Character…

On the plus side my dog can’t die so i don’t need to worry about him, despite this i still have an emotional attachment towards dogmeat and can’t help feeling guilty and slightly upset at the sight of him stumbling along with an injured leg.

home is where the loot is

Once the tutorial had finished i couldn’t wait to start construction and got stuck straight in! It isn’t very complicated but there’s enough stuff to use and mess with that it isn’t boring. In fact its addicting, i spent a solid hour just walking around deconstructing things. Hording resources is nothing new to the fallout series but this is on another level!
Weapon and Armour customization are hidden behind more perks, stats and leveling up along with rare resources but being able to make monster weapons straight out of the tutorial would make the game terribly easy. So I’ll just have to wait.

-3 for the game freezing whilst it rendered some of the terrain -5 for subtitles of a former conversation overwriting the current conversation during the tutorial

Power Armour isn’t as over powered as you’d expect it to be and the power core mechanic means you can only fight a few battles at a time before having to go back to make repairs and find a new power core.

3 hours in

Decided that the construction and customization options are more end game content than something you mess around with straight away, so I’ve switched on my radio and headed off into the wasteland.

A Few minutes of walking and i stumble into a trader, now normally i check their inventory, grab some ammo and stims and then kill them to get my money back but fallout 4 gives you the option to straight up rob them! I wussed out however since none of my weapons have much stomping power and moved on.

Another minute up the road and i spot two people yelling at one another, as i approached the option to demand they lower their weapons popped up. I asked and was immediately blown away…load game….this time i’m just going to throw a Molotov and enjoy the sounds of the screams. It worked out and i was paid 100 caps for my trouble by the women and her drug addicted son the bandits were harassing. This is fallout 4 at its best, brutal, entertaining violence mixed with compassionate story telling.
Checking the map i can see that I’m close to one of my quests, time to kill some raiders….i die. A turret cuts me down. load game. This time i opt for taking the high ground!

I die again to pure karma. A raider burnt me alive with a well thrown Molotov…This time i’m just going for the front door, pick off the turret and deal with everyone at long-range and then run for it.

It works!! I continue my slaughter through the foundry

Starting to realize i cant play fallout 4 like I’ve played previous titles but that’s a good thing, i feel like i could die at any point and skirmishes are tense! I found myself holding my breath and tensing every muscle in my body as my ammo dropped to nothing and i had to jump from cover to cover trying to get close enough to use my switch blade.

-5 for FPS drop during combat due to letting off a few grenades

6 hours in

So I’ve done the tutorial, messed around with the construction stuff and stormed a foundry….also I’ve died A LOT. But the important thing is that i’m enjoying it, i’m having fun despite the difficulty. The graphics are good too, everything looks crisp and sharp, its not as brown as the previous titles either!

The GUI is terrible however. Selecting and comparing gear is a nightmare, and the map could really do with a larger area on screen. It gets very frustrating and if it wasn’t for the quick use option on the D-pad to switch weapons and use stims during combat i’d have stopped playing it. Yeah. Its that bad.

-2 points. (it would be more but being able to play arcade games on your pip-boy saves it)

I wont be talking about the story since that would involve major spoilers but i will say this, it tries to get you emotionally invested but i just didn’t give a dam. Maybe that’s just because of my in game choices + Preston Garvey hate. I did stay on the “good” side after all.

-5 for the camera messing up during a conversation and then freezing for about 30 seconds.

9 hours in

Been playing fallout 4 since midnight and i’m still not board of it. There is almost too much to do! I’ve been doing more of the same since taking on the foundry, raider hunting, exploring and construction.

The core game play is brilliant, plenty of things to do, lots of cool new features and most importantly its entertaining. Given the size of the game the odd BUG and error here and there is forgivable but the GUI really needs cleaning up, its a chore to use.

Fallout 4 gets a 8/10 – highly recommend purchasing

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