Fantasy fight club

Tis but a scratch!

The idea
I’m going to be making a fighting game, I’ve already scouted out a game engine plug-in, complete assets for the fighters and a large variety of environmental assets for the level design.

The setting is the Middle Ages crossed over with classic fantasy tropes, rather than trying to reinvent the genre of beat em ups I’ll keep the combat and it’s mechanics simple. A pick up and play game with more depth to it if players want to learn, the art style will be in keeping with my skills….low poly and basic but pleasant to look at.

Boris Cumberland AKA Boris The Butcher
Above is one of the character assets I will be using, he will be my test pilot and the first character to be introduced into my game.
I currently have plans for a total of 13 unique fighters each with their own fighting style, secondary style using a weapon and 4 different skins.

I’m going all in on this project. Total investment for the start up assets is £275 this will cover all 13 characters models, the game engine plug-in and four unique play styles.

Further investment will be requires for levels, music, sound effects, particle effects, GUI art and the remaining 9 fighting styles worth of animation.

I am also investing in some new equipment as well as software. As i type there is a new Alienware 13inch top spec laptop on its way! Very excited about that! It’s GPU is 10 times as powerful, the CPU is 3 times as powerful and it has double the RAM of my current laptop. (which is my main dev tool)

Laptop > Desktop due to the mobility + the spec i have is more than enough to run most AAA titles at 60fps.

Spent the day getting use to the plug-in engine.

The jiggle physics asset is going to cause a little headache, when you select a bone “root” to be affected by the jiggle anything under that hierarchy will also giggle which means anything like the character stomach or breasts need to be the very last node in the bone root structure. In short, i need to rig every model myself.

Second issue is that the models im using have a very very strange setup, all the prefabs include every model. If i was to drag and drop the pig model into the scene and then look at the hierarchy in the inspector i can see every model is actually attached to the pig model but is “inactive” ……

What the fuck is this

Maybe they have a reason beyond my knowledge of skill to do this that makes life easier somehow, I’ll have ask.


New laptop is here!!

Will be spending the majority of today getting it setup / transferring all my work.

I have scrapped the idea of giving any of the characters “giggle” physics for now as im struggling to even get them to animate in the plug-in…

no progress made

I have contacted the artist that makes the models I’m using about why the assets are bundled up as they are. As i suspected there really is no benefit to it, they are all interchangeable because “some people like to change characters using code”. In other words the original commissioner of the assets asked for that and they never changed it. Just because they are inactive and not being rendered doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact on performance…(taking up valuable file space). So I’ll be removing them. Plus it makes the scene easier to read during trouble shooting.

I have also gotten to grips with some of the UFE (the fighting plugin) tools and have spent most of the day fiddling around and experimenting whilst waiting for the above reply.

Hit boxes are fun….

I didn’t want to push forward into the game too far using the models as they are only to find out i’ll need to do them all again because of such and such. Always play it safe!

Saturday & Sunday
No progress made, if it wasnt clear i have dropped the idea of doing a weekly game as i got very board of the basic ideas i had to use to make the weekly deadline, also a lot of the basic templates of games are really “reskin scams” where people will simply change the name and a few art assets, put it on the store and milk it…That aint me.

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