A new need for speed game is out and i fully expect it to be the bug riddled nonsense EA has shat out over the past few year.

Nothing will ever compare to Underground 2 and most wanted and yet I’ve purchased this one. hmmmmmmmmmmm

I loved the old need for speed games but ever since “drift” and “most wanted” I’ve steered clear. The game focus changed from modding cars and racing on the street to using super cars on a track. But now its back to its old roots!

I’ll be honest i have paid no attention to the story so far. In fact i wish you could skip the cut scenes that are half video game CGI and half reality. They really freak me out!

i don’t know what audience you’re supposed to cater too but i bet they don’t play video games

But not as much as this guy. This guy’s name is spike and if it wasn’t for the PEGI 12 age rating he’d certainly be bumping cocaine off his car keys in every cut scene. The guys definitely on something.

-5 points for annoying cut scenes that cannot be skipped.

So in typical need for speed fashion, you start with an okay car but it gets wrecked or impounded or something (i cant recall why i needed a new car) but  luckily you have the exact amount of money to buy one of three shit boxes Spike’s lady friend is selling. One is a hot hatch, one is american muscle and the other is a drifting car, i went for the hot hatchback.

Jumped through the standard tutorial hoops as fast as possible and started earning some cash! I don’t care much for the story at this point, it’s mainly just introducing me to the games features and characters.

Easily won my first few races and bee-lined straight into the customization options. It is glorious! Very simple to use, plenty of options and yet its complex enough that you could spend hours fine tuning all the settings to get the fastest 0-60 time.

just because the games rated 12 doesn’t mean i have to be

The basic summary of the story so far is that you join a small crew of street racers and earn rep, once you get enough rep you race the big time racers for lots of money and then repeat with a few twists and turns thrown in based around police chases.

-5 points for the 5 way Skype calls you get after every mission based race. So annoying, i just want to enjoy the win not listen to people bitch.

The in game map isn’t massive but its large enough you wont get bored of the same places, speaking of which there is a new drop in drop out feature. Races you partake in are shown in real time on the main map and players that are in your lobby can just jump in or watch or get in the way. (mostly get in the way or sabotage your chances of winning) at first i thought that was dumb. But its my favorite part of the game.

You can just be cruising to your next race only to have 6 cars speed past you along with another player and a few police cars, it makes the world feel more alive. It also present a great opportunity to show off your ride to other players, i usually demonstrate my ride superiority by overtaking them and everyone in the race only to turn around and smash head first into the player. I’m an asshole i know.

-5 points for off putting phone calls in the middle of a race!! Three calls in one race! fuck off!

So after a while the races started to get more one sided and the upgrades needed on my first car got either too pricey or required a level up, so i saved up a little and got myself an NSX.

i have become the thing i hate

Sold the old car for some modding money and now i have 200MPH monster drift car.
Drifting races are by far my favorite type to play!

-5 points for sucking ken blocks shlong too often.

I’m surprised to be enjoying this game as much as i am, i started playing it with very low hopes and its completely trounced my expectations.

After a while the game is just more of the same! Race, get money, tune car, smash up other players and repeat. Its good fun and hasn’t gotten old yet and i’m and good 10 hours into the game now. The addition of daily challenges keeps things interesting and the ability to start your own crew lobby that only friends can join is very convenient.

Graphically this game is amazing, its runs smooth and i haven’t had a frame rate drop yet! The races are what you’d expect from a need for speed game and the police chases are hard but fun.

Need for speed gets an 8/10 highly recommended purchase

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