Fantasy Fight club

(click here to read up on the draft idea)

So far I’ve been getting to grips with the UFE, the models and testing / researching ideas. The implementation for most of them should be pretty straight forward but that’s months in the future!

First up, let’s get one character actually moving in the game which is Easier said then done to be honest.

To create a new character first i need to sort out the models, drag and dropping a prefab into a scene, opening up its hierarchy in the inspector and then delete the unused models, adding an animator component and then finally the “hit box” script. I then have to drag and drop this into an empty prefab in my files.

Next i need to use the UFE character tool and create new, drag and drop the prefab into this and then start getting to work on the hit boxes, hurt boxes and animations. Easy right?

Well it would be if after all of that the sodding model didn’t just stand in a T pose during the actual game and not move a fucking inch….


Please kill me

So i figured out that i hadn’t used the correct animation component on the character prefab for starters as the one i had linked was for “legacy” animations and rigs but I’m using mechium stuff……easy mistake to make since there are TWO FUCKING ANIMATION COMPONETS….breath…..i wasted a day going mad because of that little mistake.

Once I’d done that I realised i needed an “avatar” for the model to use. Got one. Sorted.

Press play and find to my delight the characters is animated……..a short lived happiness as the model is contorted and warped. Look at it! It needs putting out of its misery!!

SUCCSESS!! Boris Cumberland Lives! he might have some real messed up hands and be very short but he can fight. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh such a weight off my mind. Can now put my head down and get to working on refining him to be an entertaining fighter.


In the grand scheme of things I achieved very little with my day however

  1. Boris is the right size
  2. Boris moves at the correct speeds and his animation to do so matches this
  3. Boris has his own stance file rather than importing the demo file
  4. All of the assets associated with the fighter are correctly organised and everything complies without error after that fact
  5. Boris cannot Jump anymore (by design)
  6. The blog/site has been revamped


Friday – Saturday – Sunday

No progress on FFC made as my job got in the way unfortunately……December is a busy time of year, however i did spend some more time on the site spell checking, ensuing the links work, updating the excerpts and images ect…I think it’s looking pretty good in a simplistic kinda way. I can do all this on my phone whilst at work hence why i put it over some game dev time.

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