I can’t wait to start attaching rockets to farm animals and send them into space! Supposedly there’s a campaign and story too? Might breifly stop abusing the island’s population for a few minutes to check it out.I’ve played the first game and hear a lot of good things about the second (with mods of course). So I have high expectations!

It took forever to download! It’s 50GB! Thankfully it has A demo island you play around with and spend some time getting use to the controls. Unfortunately it’s enemy free and has very little to do in the way of combat (There are some goats you can blow up though) but it is a nice touch.

I finally get into the first mission of the game, the intro sets up the action nicely with Rico firing off RPGs from the top of a seaplane whilst being shot at from all sides. Annnnnnd then the frame rate drops. We’re talking 10FPS.

-5 points for ruining the moment so early on.

I power through and eventually get back to a playable frame rate, save Rico’s buddy and then get told to drive….yes drive. Urgh! Luckily you can stand on top of the car and shoot people in the face whilst the AI character drives to the way point. Thinks that’s a fare repayment for saving his irritating life. (The guy takes constant “selfies” and his name is Mario..). It’s fair to say the driving in this game is awful.

Fuck Mario. And his grandmother’s car

In my next mission I’m instructed to jump into a grounded tank Annnnd more frame drops.

-5 points, I can see this getting old fast.

Not off to a great start after only the first mission! Expectations dropping fast.

I’m a few more mission in, considering the serious setting and nature of what you are doing there is a very laid out and relaxed vibe from the game, it doesn’t take it self to seriously and knows what it is. The controls do take some getting use too. But that might be because I keep looking at the view rather than where my wing suit is plummeting towards! The game looks great!

I’ve already liberated my first town, at first it was fun! I have an attack helicopter hunting me down, tanks rolling into town and air strikes raining over my head i gained a lot of heat very fast …and then I died. The town went back to silence but the objectives I had completed stayed completed, I expected a hard fight to finish the last task but just ended up blowing up a statue, a billboard and hoisting up a flag and that was it! Done! Pretty underwhelming but then again it’s the first town, it’s gotta be easy. If I hadn’t died I’m sure I would have felt differently.

-1 point for rubble getting the way of an objective and causing mission failure

Speaking of challenges there are plenty in just cause 3 and so far i have been enjoying them a lot! Not too difficult but not to easy either!

There are an almost endless amount of vehicles, weapons and upgrades to unlock and there not just the mundane slightly more damage or speed kinda thing they open up whole new ways of destroying buildings and mercilessly grappling everyone in site to something explosive. I’ve easily spent half of my time playing attaching civilians to things and launching them into space.

The map is huge and there is plenty to do and see, I’ve ignored the story missions for now and focused on liberating the small southern islands. No doubt it’s going to take me a while.

It’s fucking shame the frame rate keeps dropping during all my fun! -10 points. No more point deductions because of the frame rate but no doubt I will mention the rage it induces. This isn’t just a small drop either we are talking 5fps if we are lucky let alone 29/30fps

-4 point for your AI allies that don’t help at all (they cant actually kill anyone) and just add to the frame rate drop

-5 point for very long loading screens that’s become more and more annoying when you have to keep retrying challenges

Most of the southern islands are free and I’m about ten hours in now and whilst i’m still having fun, its my fun. It isn’t the games narrative, missions or even challenges that are keeping me entertained its the satisfaction i get for indulging my sadistic side.

That’s not to say just cause 3 is a bad game, apart from the frame rate drops (which will no doubt be patched soon) i don’t really have anything bad to say about it but at the same time i don’t have anything great to say about it either.

The fact I’ve run out of things to talk about says it all really, once you’ve liberated one town you’ve liberated them all.

i could probably get another 20-30 hours out of this game before blowing things up starts to get stale and no doubt they will keep adding DLC packed full of things to bring me back but it’s all a moot point until they can fix the frame rate

Just cause gets a 7/10 – wait for the patch and a sale before picking it up.

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