• Added more to the blog site and scrubbed all the old junk from previous attempts at a gaming site
  • Re-done my CV and upload it to the site + applied for some new jobs (2k19 is going to be a fresh start)
  • Got some more traffic to the blog
  • Backed up all current work
  • scrubbed any unused online applications / sites / cloud drives

So after the unintentional weekend break from development i’ve gained some better perspective on what i should be doing and how to go about that! For starters using Boris Cumberland as my genie pig (pun intended) isn’t the best idea as his fighting style is less diverse, his size comparable to other fighters will be awkward to shift back to once finished and his movement speed / damage output will need to be tested against a basic fighter before it can be tweaked to be more balance….meaning that doing any of that now would just be wasted time.

So i’ve moved onto a new fighter with an easier approach, i’m copying the demo character “robot kyle” as it uses mechuim animation and then reskinning it with the new character model, setting the hit and hurt boxes and then continuing on from there. Not only does this save me a lot of time but it gives me a base template for all fighters to be based upon.

So this weeks aim is to produce a new character with at the very least

  • Re-mapped combos
  • Jump and movement stats matching animation
  • Change thrown item to characters assigned weapon
  • Intro and outtro move
  • UI art
  • Throws / grabs
  • Supermove mapped out

After that i’ll be going through each move one by one and tweaking them until i feel the character is ready to be showcased (hopefully next week).

Grab / throws – didnt take very long to get going, do need to tweak the length of time the opponent stays ground but otherwise working well. basically added a new hit box under “throw collider” attached this to the hips of the model’s bones

Hit box map for the dwarf

before i can start changing all the template moves i need to ensure that the dwarf fighter is using the correct files in the correct location, otherwise ill end up editing the template file over and over again.

Changing the item that the dwarf throws from a fire ball to his hammer was again pretty straight forward, created a new prefab using the hammer model, scaled it up by 3 and added a continuous rotation script, drag and drop this to the template throw attack and done! The particle effect on hit can wait…….

Shame it’s not that simple, the rotation and spin script are being overwritten somehow.

Fixed. My rotation speed was too low for the changes to be visible in the spin script (plus i was rotating the Y not X axis)….Dumb ass.


The dwarf can now throw hammers and use grabs/throws

Thursday || Friday ||  Satruday
Been sick + had to work a load so no progress made unfortunately

3/7 tasks done…i hadn’t realised how much time remapping and sorting through all the moves would take….going to have to carry this over to next week which is annoying. On the bright side adding intro and outtro animations and changing the portrait images is an hours job max and I’ll leave it till last. Combo comes after the remapping.

It feels like I have achieved very little after 3 weeks but i can take solace in that once the dwarf is finished he will be used as my new template which will speed up the creation of fighters considerably.

Will be taking a week off for the holidays next dev diary wont be until next year

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