Jobs do to this week

  • Change forward dash animation and distance
  • Add backwards dash
  • Remove dumb super jump
  • Remove dumb super jump links to kicks
  • Remap combos / specials moves
  • Add light punch crouching
  • Add a block button
  • Change super fireball to a hammer
  • Give button 6 a use
  • Intro and outro

To start with i need to list out all the buttons, associated letters and what they do

  • Letter “T” = button 1 — Light punch
  • Letter “Y”= button 2 — Medium punch
  • Letter “U” = button 3 — grab / throw
  • Letter “G” = button 4 — Light kick
  • Letter “H” = button 5 — Medium kick
  • Letter “J” = button 6 — back flip / heavy kick

I have removed the double (super) jump feature to stop the dwarf flying into the atmosphere, simple to do and very little was effect. Good start. Basically opened up the stance file and deleted it. then deleted all the links in moves associated with it.

Pressing Right + the letter “h” would make the dwarf do a back flip and then combo link to superjump, as that’s been removed the dwarf no longer flies away and the opponent get launched into the air ready for an air combo (the dwarf’s recover time from the flip is currently to slow for him to react and start a combo).

Pressing “h” would start a back kick that linked to the kickflip attack automatically, this has been removed as Right + “H” does the kick flip.

“J” is currently obsolete as it is also mapped to the kick flip but has stages of power linked to how long the button is pressed…will be ignoring that for now.


  • Dwarf has a new forward dash animation and moves a good distance
  • Dwarf now has a backwards dash
  • Dwarf now has a super hammer throw that costs 50% of his meter, the hammer is twice the size of the normal one and does 200 damage
  • The super hit has been re-mapped and increased to a 100% meter requirement to be used

7/29 moves have been assessed and tweaked so far…….


The dwarf can now block whilst standing and crouching, turns out i just needed to assign a block button in the UFE inspector

Down + T is now an uppercut move, had some issues at first with how the move was connecting with the opponent but it turned out to be because the dwarf is too small to use its own moves on a copy of it’s self….at least the uppercut anyway

As things are getting more complicated and it’s hard to keep track of what move is what i have created a move key file for myself which in hindsight i should have done straight away as i’d need to do one as a tutorial for new players anyway….I’ll be using this a the MASTER file for the dwarf so it’ll include all background, damage each moves does ect ect

The dwarf also now has an intro move, have yet to add a cinematic camera angle to show it off better but this was mainly just to test how easy an intro move was to do…..last time i tried it they actually caused damage before the fight even started!

The basics of the dwarf are now complete, hes not finished and needs some polish but hes useable. Minor testing begins!

I gave two people 1min to play in the practice mode and then matched them up against 3 different CPUs

First tester could beat the easy CPU and could win at least one round against the medium CPU but couldn’t win once against the hard CPU. Second tester was the same. Even i couldn’t win against the hard CPU, i could manage 1 round before getting pummeled.


  • The dwarf spends too much time recovering from a previous move to chain them
  • Some of the button mapping makes certain moves difficult on a controller
  • The dwarf’s movements are too slow
  • Need more special moves

To speed up the fighter i need to link moves together, this means when you punch the fighter doesn’t need to start from frame 1 to punch again or kick or whatever speeding up combat in general. This also keeps the “flow” going and makes the animations more natural. However i need to keep mind the balancing of this character as i don’t want him to be overpowered.

Linking move rule: Light -> Heavy attacks is okay but Heavy -> light attacks is not and will require the full frame time to perform. basically Heavy attacks are slow to counter the high damage and light attacks can be combined very quickly because they deal out very little damage in comparison.


During my testing with various people i noticed that some move hit boxes were a little off….this opened a can of worms…

Almost every move has an incorrect block box that simply covers the entire character model rather than the limb that’s causing the damage, a lot of the active frames for causing damage were either very late or wayyy too early and finally as the dwarf is going to be half the size of most of playable fighters the forces applied to moves need to be halfved….time to get started on a justing every hit box for all 23 combat moves. Urgh.

Took about an hour to sort through all of it but that’s finally all organised, I have also given Agnur a cinematic intro/outro.

As you can see from the above video the combat for the dwarf has drastically changed from the awkward slow movements to a very fast flow of combos and air based attacks. It requires some polish and the damage for all moves will need to be balanced once the rest of the fighters have been made but he’s almost done!

Last thing on the list to do is ….the UTLRA MOVE.

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