Thank fuck it’s January! Shift patterns are back to normal and i can get back to working on this project.

Spent most of Monday re-evaluating what i have done, what needs to be done and any new ideas i had over the xmas period.


It’s time to give Agnur an ultra move, as i wont be using all the character models for this game i thought it was a good idea to utilise the mech golem as part of the move.

i’m using the throw item option in the move set to instantiate a prefab with a custom script that’ll perform certain actions for the move, this bypasses the rather pricey cost of paying for the source version of UFE.

The script basically calls an animation constantly and apply it to the model. i’ll be adding particle effects, sounds ect ect later on in the polishing stage, i just want to get the basics of the character sorted before moving on.


This script is attached to the model and is instantiate at 6 times its normal scale, at 90 degrees on the Y axis and some distance behind the character off-screen. This is to hide the giant mech suddenly appearing and align it correctly to actually hit the opponent.

At 4 frames into the moves execution the camera angle moves to face Agnur so you can see the mech charging towards the camera, at 32 frames it cuts back to the default position so you can view the carnage. Agnur has been made invulnerable during the camera angle changes.

Current issues

  • mech wont spawn if too close to a wall
  • mechs hit either has a delayed knock down effect and only one hit (crumble type hit) or sends the opponent flying and only lands one hit (launcher type hit)
  • you can use the move in the air
  • using the move on bigger characters is an insta kill

BUT that’s Agnur fished for now!! whoop whoop 1 down 3 to go.



This next character shouldnt take very long to bust out to the same level as Agnur now (that’s so longs as I don’t make any dumb mistakes!)

To start with I need to copy and paste the entire folder holding all of agnurs assets into a new folder and rename some of the files. The character file, the stance file and the actual folder itself.

Next I need to make a prefab of the new fighter dubbed “BoneKraka” for now and drag this into the character file to ensure that it uses this prefab. I then need to change the loading path for the stance this character loads to the one i just copied over! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT if i don’t do this i can fuck up both characters at once…..

Right new character is all set up, just need to test it! which brings us to hit boxes once again. Spent about 30mins getting him ready and lo and behold he’s too fucking big….great. Because I need to make him smaller i also need to redo all the hit boxes…



Fixed all the hit box stuff yesterday and got the ork actually playable, currently he’s just the dwarf but with a different model. So todays job is to make him more orkish, unlike the last character everything is set up for me and i just need to change animations, stats and combos and then rename it all to make it less confusing later on!

I hadn’t considered the different sizes of characters up until now and it’s actually really important i decide this early on otherwise im going to be making more work for myself later on.

Again i can really fuck everything i’ve done so far up really really badly if i don’t re-assign the location of moves from agnurs files to the orks before editing them. I’ll start with the basics like intros and idle animations before moving onto fighting moves. (it also helps to click on the apply changes button before closing the move editor…FML).

Unlike the Dwarf i’ll be spending a lot more time actually choosing the animations the ork will be using as they need to fit with his fighting style (the dwarf style and moves were already predetermined).


Current issues

  • The idle animation i purchased used the camera as part of the animation for some stupid reason, the camera would follow the movements so the character would appear to stay in one stop but “jig” however because im not using the camera the character slides around like he’s wearing socks on a wooden floor
  • When crouching the Orks head turns the wrong way…
  • The speed of all the animations is way to fast so i have to manually set each animation speed test and repeat until its okay.
  • The animations for getting up after a hit keep cancelling each other out.
  • Intro animations get stuck on last frame rather than blending into idle

i fixed the animations for getting up by going back to using the animations that agnur uses and then speeding them up. To address the crumple forward hit animation to suddenly switch to standing i added the last few frames on rollbackwards at 75% speed, it’s not amazing and needs work but it’ll do for now and looks infinitely better.

How am i supposed to fix this shit? they’re sliding around constantly..urrrgghhh! the idle taunts i kinda cool though 🙂


To fix the head rotation issue when using the crouching animation i had to enable the head look tool, this meant going through EVERY move to ensure it was disabled! Only moves in the crouching position have it enabled….long. The target had to be changed from opponents head to their left calf as the neck would contort horribly. This fixed the issue when standing on the right side but made it worse when standing on the left.

Bonekraka’s move set is going to be far more diverse than Agnurs, i’m actually pretty excited to see what i can do with some of these animations!

so far ive finished

  • Heavy smash – slowmo move requiring 25% gauge, slam both fists into opponent
  • dash forwards and backwards
  • skull stomp – a high kick that slams the opponent’s head into the ground whilst moving Bonekraka to the other side of the opponent.
  • drop kick – exactly how it sounds

it’s going to take a while.

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