So once again i had a web page itch that needed scratching and updated the entire thing. I think it looks much better and has a lot of room for more content to be featured! I intend to have a page deadicated to each character too, giving a run down of their move sets and abilitys. Hopefully will have that done this week!

Bonekraka is feeling much more orkish now the majority of the animations have been switched over, still having some issues with the head positon when crouching on the left side and i have yet to blend moves togeather to make them seem more natural. It’s going to be a long week.


So i’ve realigned the hit boxes and hurt boxes of every move Bonekraka has, the active frames for each hit have been changed too be as accurate as possible along with the frames that can be blocked. Each move’s damage and Force that it applys has also been changed.

issues that need fixing

  • idle animation sliding even though not moving
  • jump attacks not working correctly
  • grab move
  • super moves
  • ultra move


To fix the Idle animation i had to find out why it was happening in the first place. i ad a browse around the forums and found that its probaly route motion. According to Unity manual, Root motion is calculated from body transform node in run-time. In animation clip, what Unity does, it computes this offset every frame, and then applies it to game object as movement instead.

By toggling “Root Transform Position (XZ), Bake into pose on, the process is reversed and the character sprints away from animation clip origin When you toggle bake into pose off, you see that world grid starts to travel under character, meaning that Unity has removed the root x and y movement (transform/GameObject is moving).


by making the root motion node the root transform and then baking it then Idle animation stoped sliding about! FINALLY.

Next is jumping attacks, now robot kyle has no issues at all and works exactly the way i want the rest of my characters too! So he’s the starting point, one of Bonekraka’s jump moves “spinKick” will have to be scraped entirely. 1. because Agnur already uses it 2. because no matter how high in the air you are it plonks you right back down to the ground as soon as you press that button.

Bonekraka’s “drop punch” works absolutly fine as the move itself moves downwards to cause damaged.


Motivation + work done = 0%. So….where to start….

  • You can currently K.O and win a round via the damage given during a blocked attack….it makes the end of the round very silly
  • Bonekraka can’t use more than one jump attack
  • Bonekraka can’t use grabs
  • The bone crusher move is really lame and needs changing
  • Bonekraka needs an ultra move
  • Bonekraka has no combos
  • Bonekraka has no thrown item moves
  • ALL of Angnurs moves need to be checked over again
  • Thedouble fist slam moves needs to be more special
  • Hammer throwing moves need to vamped up too
  • Summoned  mech suit needs polishing as it looks rubbish
  • The grab move Angur is currently using sucks

Can’t win them all, not every week is going to go smoothly.

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