First of all apologies for the lack of updates during the past two weeks, as per my last dev diary i had hit a wall and lost focus which carried over into the following week. ( i ended up going on holiday)

But with a pair of fresh eyes i have managed to move on from the issues that plagued me and halted my productivity.


Continuing with Bonekraka the first thing that must change was the jump animation, height and physics. The problem will the animations root motivation still exists so i rather than continuing to waste time altering these animation i have opted to give the ork different jump attacks that don’t require any adjustments. Annoying as that some assets wasted but it can’t be helped.

Did the usual of resetting hit and hurt boxes, incorporated the chain combo features to allow some seamless transition from move to move.

I’ve also had to change the uppercut animation as it just looked too ridiculous for a big lumber ork to do. It’s much more manly now.

The bone crusher move has also been altered, this took up the remainder of my day but once again the move no longer looks as stupid for a ork to perform.


Bonekraka now has a thrown item move, it costs 50% of the gauge to perform and causes some high damage along with a knock down effect. His jump height as also been dropped to be more realistic for his weight class.

The thrown super move isnt completely finished just yet as i want the object to explode on impact (fire infused axe)


working entirely on the ork for so long with all his problems has fatigue me….(he is now my most hated character) so today i’ve gone back to Agnur.

things to do today:

  • remove grab
  • improve throwing moves
  • tweak ultra move
  • sort through hit boxes / hurt boxes / shield boxes / damage / speed and type for every single move


It’s a long ass process but it needs doing. Although i do plan to balance all the characters at the end of production as doing it now would use up a lot of time i still need to ensure the moves are being performed correctly with the correct effect with roughly the right amount of damage. Reason being is that the CPU vs CPU tests i perform against characters needs to last long enough for me to spot possible bugs/ errors that might cause bigger problems down the line (like having the right arm using hurt boxes on a move that uses a left arm).

Agnur’s throwing item moves have had a little update to them visually and psychically. As the focused play style is on his range attacks and launcher moves in combination with each other.

All fighters will not be featuring grab moves until i have finished them all, as every fighter will need to have reaction moves attached to them for every grab from every character ……not looking forward to that.


Decided that Agnur as a character looks a little dull so i have given the gems on his belt some light effects and added a light to his only visible eye. I think it adds a little more to him and will continue to add to all the characters over time to make them stand out more.

The global hit effect across the game has been change to a blood splat rather than a flash on light. It matches the character model design and hopefully will be more visible.


I’ve now moved on from both Agnur and bonekraka to a new character. “Fiona Black wood” a forest witch. So far i’ve only set up the model and files for her, she’s playable but only using agnurs setup. i havent even begun to start on her hitboxes ect so I’ll leave the office update for her next week.

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