Just another excuse to play fallout 4

Before going crazy with the cage traps and catching large amounts of raiders to torture you’ll need to build an arena. I started with the foundations, since you will almost never find a flat surface in fallout big enough because of this the guys at Bethesda have included concrete blocks. They’re tall, flat and most importantly interlock with each other regardless of the terrain.Next, you’ll want to place a fence around the perimeter of your arena or risk your settler/beast escaping. Depending on where you plan on sitting to watch the fights you can pick from either, solid concentrate walls or concrete with a square metal mesh that you can see through.

I’ve tried both and the solid concrete is the best option, since you can get shot at from the arena and the audience can also shoot the fighters…

Once you’ve got the basic shape done, its time to customize! You have the option of setting traps throughout the arena which makes it that much more entertaining, the options are:
A Trap door, useful if your arena is elevated, i went for a jabba the hutt styled arena and had a deathclaw at the bottom waiting for anyone that falls down. (it took forever to set that up!).
Giant mouse traps, pretty self expository. You can get normal ones or powered ones.
Spinning blades, these move along the floor constantly spinning, require power.
Obviously you still have access to all the original traps and defense systems too but they are not as much fun.

There are plenty of decorations for your arena too, you could go for a super mutant decor with large bags of meat strewn all over the place or neon covered walls with a jukebox blaring out and a strobe light on the ceiling.

Nothing beats watching a bunch of ghouls rip apart that one settler that keeps sleeping in your bed to the sound sound of “To forget about how much I care for you” and strobe lighting.

Cages come in different sizes and are used for catching different creatures and humans. Yes that’s right, humans. You are now just as bad as the raiders you constantly murder. Raiders, gunners, ghouls and super mutants can be captured by your cages, to pit them against other humans or creatures in the arena for your entertainment.

To build a cage you’ll need the right resources, a large stash of the drug Jet for example to lure raiders into a cage. It doesn’t matter where you place these cages just so long as you power them they’ll catch something. Normally i just sleep for 24 hours three times and you’ll have something.

To release something from a cage you simply have to turn off the power, however once the cages have been used they will need to be repaired. Thankfully the amount of resources it takes to repair a cage is much smaller than it takes to build it the first time.
Your settlement’s chances of being attacked increase when you have captured anything, so you’re better off placing these cages in a settlement that has enough manpower and defenses to handle the increased threat.

Now that the capturing part is out of the way, you’ll want to learn how to actually tame the creatures. And to do so you should build the Beta Wave Emitter.
The Beta Wave Emitter calms down captured creatures when cages are released. This is essential to utilizing the creatures you capture, but you’ll need the Animal Friend Perk (Charisma 5) and the Wasteland Whisperer Perk (Charisma 9) to unlock it.

Once the Beta Wave Emitter is up and running all your captured creatures will roam your settlement, providing an increase to the settlements’ defense.
Annoyingly when you  have multiple creatures in your settlement. One creature will kill the other if they are not of the same species. A Mutant Hound  will kill a Mole Rat this may not be the case for all species but just keep that in mind.

There are multiple combinations for your fighting pits. You’ll need platforms and cages depending on how you want to entertain your settlers. Unfortunately, you’re able to place bottlecaps down to bet on the fights.
Settler vs. Settler
You’ll need to set the Red and Blue platforms across from each other. Without the platforms, you can’t pit your settlers against each other. Simply assign them to the pad like you would anything else and watch the mayhem unfold. You need one pad for every settler.
Settler vs. Beast or Settler vs. Raider
You’ll need to set a platform and a cage across from each other. If you want multiple settlers to fight against a raider or beast, be sure to place down platforms of the same color in the arena.
To let your captured raider or beast out of their cage, build a switch and connect it to power source. Once you turn the switch off, your captured beast or raider will attack whatever is in the cage.
Raider vs. Raider
Place two Raider cages across from each other in an arena. Take advantage of the fences or risk the raiders escaping and killing your settlers. Flip off the power switch and let them at each other.

The DLC also comes with a large amount of new items to decorate your home with, neon writing and non electrical lighting such as candles are hands down the best additions.

Bad points
-10 points for the large amount of resources you need to amass to get a basic arena.
-5 points for the lack of a tutorial, i had to look most of it up
-5 points for the lack of betting options
-5 points for the difficulty of getting one settler to fight another when you say so and not as soon as they are assigned different colors.