jobs to do

  • Delete all duplicate animation files that the characters don’t use
  • New document for the witch to record moves and combos
  • Back up and start on version 0.4
  • Once again revamp the website – Full change

Deleting all duplicate animations sounds easy but it’s extremely time-consuming, I had to write down the names of every animation a fighters uses and then compare what they are using to what is in their files and remove the unused ones. Three times over….

As soon as that’s done i’ll be able to back up what ive currently done and start on version 0.4 with a clean and organised project file.

As you can no doubt see i’ve changed the site completely, i want to be able to showcase characters better and the “featured” content tool this theme has is perfect! Just need to come up with the content now….


Hitboxes for the witch all rigged up!


So far i have compleated a total of 10 moves plus the basic animations for the witch.

  • Axe kick
  • dash back
  • dash forward
  • hex kick (will be adding magic FX)
  • dismounting broom kick
  • dismount broom punch
  • moon kick
  • left jab
  • high kick
  • right fist slam

Thankfully a large portion of the female animations i purchased have a secondary animation of the same move but with the root motion already removed! Making my life much easier! Yayyy! As an added bonus, because I’m using Agnur rather than bonekraka as my template to build upon a lot of the hurt boxes are already in the right place.


Continuing on from yesterday

  • low kick
  • low right hook
  • leg sweep
  • airborn jab
  • double fist slam (now backflip kick)
  • punch crouch light
  • spin kick
  • uppercut
  • outro

Have all been calibrated to suit the new fighter. Dubbed for now as Fiona Blackwood. between her and the ork both characters have awful animation to animation transition and it’s really annoying me. Agnur doesnt have this issue.

I dont want to focus on the issue too much as i know that it’s to do with the mix of animations both characters use and the speeds they are played at and after creating a new character in less than two days i’ve had enough, so i’m going work on Agnur a bit more.

Current issues i’ve found whilst testing him

  • The “kickflip” move jumps him to high and his opponent not far enough to the right making them land on top of each other occasionally
  • The “gut punch” move has too much X force applied
  • The “uppercut” hit boxes are too small
  • Air jab needs the Y force removed when hitting successfully
  • Outro is too boring

improvements due

  • Two new moves that are only activated at the end of a combo
  • Attack names to be more dwarfy if that’s a thing
  • Intro FX
  • Attack FX


So far so good! Most of Agnurs issues have been sorted and i’ve moved onto giving him move combos and moves! It’s taken a little while to get the hang of as the following needed to be learned and tested….very confusing but it works!

First i have to start by making a new move file like normal and assign the move an input (if i dont want it to start automatically at the end of the combo) then i have to set a previous required move and then link than move.

Next i have to go to the linked move and create a link to the new move i just made. Still following? Lastly i need to set at what frame the new move can be linked. e.g pressing “H” to perform a heavy kick and then pressing “H” again midway through the move (so long as it has hit the opponent) will execute the new move. I can add more limitations like distance from opponent, gauge cost like any other move but these are derived by the first move that was performed. Which means i can’t have conflicting rules between moves.

Think i’ll only be using this method for long combos that require 25% special metre and above for now.

  • Thunderball – dwarf moves along X axis curled up in a ball and causes lighting damage. (T, Y, T+Y)
  • Vice clamp – dwarf front flips into a head clamp smash to gain maximum momentum pushing back opponent. (T, Y, H, H)

also finally got around to fixing the double fist slam move, so it can only be performed whilst standing on the ground, very close to the opponent, the time in between hits is larger and the useless frames at the end on the move have been removed.


Normal thrown hammer move now requires player to be at least two squares away from the opponent. It has a new effect added to it and leaves a small electrical discharge upon hit. The hit type is now medium and no longer staggers opponent. All in all it looks much better.

The super hammer throw has been changed to be three normal hammers at different heights thrown at different times but with no xtra damage (apart from the fact there is three of them). It looks better, serves as a jump attack counter and makes more sense then a giant hammer out of nowhere.

Lastly I’ve made a new move from the “combo1” animation the ork couldn’t use, it requires 50% gauge, each hit is slowed down to add emphasis on each blow and lightning effects have been added to each hit. It looks great!

Thats Agnur done for now. I promise this is the last time i get bored and mess around with him again.

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