Last weeks progress stopped at the weekend due to my job so apologies for that!


I’ve renamed all the move files to better describe what they do (the basic moves) and given the special moves more relevent names considering who performs then and what effects they have.

I’ve decided that Bonekraka needs to be completely redone, his play style is too boring and his move set isnt very exciting. The bezerker movement that i’ve been using seems incomplete and has a lot of issues! The head movement on crouching moves being one of them!

so… basically going to be redoing the entire character today.

  • Axe kick
  • dash forwards and backwards (the forward dash now comes with a headbutt)
  • jab
  • sweep
  • right hook

have been completed but most importantly of all THE FUCKING JUMP ANIMATIONS HAVE BEEN FIXED!!!

I basically had to remove the jump delay frames where the “take off” animations plays to remove the jittering that happened at the start of the jump. This is because the jump animation im using already has a take off and landing animation baked into it.

I then ensured that the blend in seconds were at 0 on the jump straight part of the animation and then i had to chop off 0.2 seconds of the animation so the animation didn’t start in midair as the forces applied are almost instant because I’ve taken the jump delay frames away. I will eventually come back to this a chop up the jump animation into takeoff, jump and landing to improve the quality of the animation but it works well enough for now.


The remaining moves have been converted to the new theme of “heavy” + a few new moves have been introduced. I’m finding some issues with the hit reactions for the ork as light, medium, heavy and knock back look very similar and don’t really show the impact some of the moves should have….i’m very limited with what I’ve got and will need to invest in some more diverse reaction animations

  • left jab has been slowed down
  • the headbutt during the dash has a reaction animation trigger now
  • the axe kick no longer knocks down opponents, it staggers them instead
  • the right hook punch that follows the left jab has been adjusted to make it less silly (still needs work)
  • heavy kick has a better reaction animation
  • the pile driver move has the correct forces applied to it now, no longer looks over the top
  • Uppercut move is now set to Y as a standard move
  • the low light kick no longer  performs a sweep


As you can see the ork gets back up without any animation whats so ever and it looks ridiculous! Really need to invest some more into them…..


  • Down + T “breakdance” move finished
  • 1 kick and 1 punch move can be performed in the air
  • two new combos have been added too!
  • lastly I’ve been working on his projectile attack that’ll be a 50% gauge required move.

I’ve also tightened up some of the forces that are applied during moves to ensure that they look more realistic. admittedly most of the day was spent messing around with FX stuff, it’s not going well….it’s a hard learning curve.


Getting a little fatigue of the ork again, he’s a lot of work compared to Agnur. I’ve decided that ill put some placeholder FX into the moves for now that require very little effort to make and purchase quality effect from the store at a later date. Saves time AND it turns out that im not very good with them…..really dont have the patience.

The orks ultimate attack has sort of been finished, im currently auto executing the uppercut after he powers up but this will eventually change to a different move with a lot of power behind it.

Current to-dos / issues for the Ork

  • Hit reaction animations (they’re all mixed up and a lot of them look rubbish
  • gauge metre gain or loss for every move
  • Hit types for all moves to ensure the right hit reaction
  • damage
  • hurt box checks
  • shield box checks
  • attack move names and word doc key update
  • move links
  • outro clamp issues
  • combos


I’ve moved on to creating my first level as im both sick of working on the problematic Ork and looking at the white wash background of the “Training” level. I’ve decided to make my first level in a castle town, I’d like to start the game’s story outside an inn with two of the characters having a drunken brawl, so i makes sense to have the first level be here.

The first biggest issues i have is that the game spawns at 0,0,0 so when i use any assets from the store i first have to customize them to suit my needs then ensure all the assets are at the right size and position! It’s very frustrating to do all this and find that the camera is facing the other way so i then have to do it all over again …….It’s not like i enjoy level design as it is!

The second issues is lighting. The shadows cast by the houses make the entire scene really dark and unitys direction light refuses to actually point from a direction i want….

The third and probably biggest issue is that the camera set up in the engine doesn’t render anything further than 60 so all the background assets in my level can’t be scene. I can change this at runtime but there is no option for this before run time… urghhh


Lastly the camera angle that i have with the parameters that i have doesn’t work with the distances that the fighters can move at. Upon changing these the whole thing messed up and now i have a level with bad lighting, limited rendering and a poor camera angle.

I should have kept working on the Ork before moving onto level design. Next week i’m going to be trying a differnt format for the dev diarys, so rather than typing up what i’ve done after each day i’ll leave it until sunday and try to focus on the biggest thing i’ve made progress in and go into move detail about it rather than just putting “monday – i did things”.


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