It’s finally here! The biggest expansion that Bethesda have ever made, supposedly bigger than Oblivion’s shivering isle and that could have been sold as a separate game frankly!
Before i even started the download i did some prep work, loading up my main save file i made sure that my robot (his name is dinkle bot) was fully upgraded with the best components i could make and that my power suit was at 100% with a good paint job.
You also need to have met Nick valentine in the main story to even get the opportunity to play the new content. (I made a new character for the previous DLC and never bothered….Witcher 3 all over again….)

Next was the inventory, i’m only taking the bare essentials. Pistol, shotgun, hunting rifle, lazer rifle and rocket launcher. Some stimpacks and radaway obviously, as many caps as i can make from selling junk and my standard clothing/armor.

I don’t intend to return to the main part of the game you see, when my adventure ends in far harbor i’ll consider myself finished with fallout4 unless something new is released.
I’m in my PJs and I’ve got enough beer and energy drink to last the night, let’s do this!
To get the most out of the new content here are a few tips:

  • BRING NICK VALENTINE. Nick has a lot of new dialog with the new npcs and the new areas.
  • Level up Charisma or bring your Charisma gear + drugs. There are a lot of speech checks, that matter.
  • Unlock every faction on the commonwealth. they actually play a part (optional) on the main storyline of the dlc.
  • Dont rush the main storyline. Finish all the side quests.
  • Skill Checks are back, so bring drugs.
  • Always pick the Sarcastic option as much as you can.

Just like the previous DLC mission, you can start it by listening to a radio broadcast. This time around it’s from Nick’s assistant, she tells you about another detective case for you to solve. If Nicks around he’ll but in with a few lines, hinting you should probably take him along.

If like me you never really bothered with the top right corner of the map then you’ve got a nice long walk, enjoy the constant dog and super mutant attacks! After a short detour to slaughter some bandits that kept shooting at me when i was crossing the river i make it to the new location.  It’s small but looks very pleasant, the house and the boat moored at the dock are in great condition, compared to the rest of the commonwealth anyway.

Kenji and his wife say their daughter is missing and ask you for help. Time for some snooping! You’re given free rein of the house so naturally i rob the place first then start investigating. Turns out the daughter is a bit of a mechanic and can fix all kinds of things including a radio! Using said radio she gets in contact with some synths in hiding, she then steals one of her dads boats and makes her way to “Far Harbor”.

So i guess it’s my turn to jump in a boat, after a quick chat with the parents i take the last remaining boat and head off in search. On arrival I’m given a warm welcome by Far harbors leader and its local resident psycho, I’m joking when i say warm welcome. My arrival to the island just happened to coincide with an attack on the small settlement and i’m asked to help.

Before the monsters come a knocking a few locals come running up demanding the gate be opened. Far harbor refuses and i see an opportunity to make a few new friends by saving there asses.

I jump off the barricade wall heroically, ready to save the survivors clawing at the gate. I’m wearing power amour….it’s a big drop….and i have the explosive impact MOD on both legs….i land among them with a massive boom. They are all dead and I’m outside the safety of the wall to fend for myself against new unknown monsters.

I survive by the skin of my teeth, one of the hardest fights I’ve ever had in fallout and i was in full armor and had my best weapons on me! Far harbor reopen its gates and I’m thanked for my efforts, nothing is said about the six or seven people i crushed to death.

By now you’d have noticed these strange blue beacons dotted around the place, these are the life line of far harbor, they filter out the fog that encompasses the island (more on the fog later). Far harbor is rather nice, it has a bit of a piratey vibe going on. The locals don’t really like you but there lots of quests available that will no doubt change that when completed.
Before heading off to continue the quest of the missing daughter i decided it would be best to restock on ammo and see what else the expansion has to offer!

  • Harpoon gun
  • Bear trap (used like grenades)
  • Caltrops (used like grenades)
  • Radium rifle
  • Lever action rifle
  • Meat hook
  • Pole hook
  • The lever-action rifle and radium rifle are by far the best additions!

Once restocked i spoke to everyone looking for quests ect definitely worth taking the time to do and i even got a free beer from the bartender! Decided to crack it open during a chat with the fallout 4s newest companion, Long fellow. After some speech checks i convince him to show me the way to the synth refuge site, his hesitation for doing so is because of the island fog and monsters.

Suffice to say his fears are well founded.
The fog acts a lot like the glowing sea, filling you full of RADs so it’s just as well I’m in a power suit. The other effects of the fog only seem to affect NPCs making them bat shit crazy, then again i did just fight a massive crab inside a van wearing a 200 year old metal suit along side  a robot wearing human skin and a fedora….

Anyway along the road to synth HQ you encounter one of the children of the atom, they are one of the factions you join and are on the verge of starting a war with the residents of far harbor (synths are currently neutral). It’s all thanks to that asshole Allen, the guy that gave you such a warm welcome upon arrival. He gunned down a preacher in cold blood. Which to be fair i would have done too, i care very little for the faction.

After another monster attack i arrive at Acaida, the synth refuge on the island. Before saying good-bye to long fellow he offers to let you stay at his shack and drink a few beer, i happily accept since i means i have a location to store my power armour and mod the new weapons without having to go back to the mainland. Acaida is an observatory and upon entering spoilers happen. Having Nick as a companion is a must at this point.

Among the spoilers a conversation about whether or not you are a synth gets you thinking since your very first memory is the day the bombs fell and you could change your face at will ect. It’s something that stuck with me until the end of the game.

-10 points for the overlapping conversations bug, after so many update they should have fixed this!

Before doing anymore of the main quest line i opted to try out some of the side quests and they are brilliant! Some start off as simple fetch quests so don’t be put off by them you wont regret it! Promise! Without spoiling anything the best ones have to be a detective case given to you by a robot and the “captains dance”.

There are plenty of new monsters to hunt you down too, as you may have seen in the two previous videos. Every fight feels like a struggle, if you have ever been in a fight with a deathclaw unprepared on the mainland you’ll know what i’m talking about. Thanks to the fog particle effect that covers the terrain, the dark stormy clouds overhead and the dense undergrowth you’ll be surprised attacked alot!

There are bandits scattered over the island too, however unlike there mainland counter parts they are more likely to talk to you, sometimes you can even their side. Clearing a settlement of monsters and then allowing the bandits to set up traps ect for a large amount of caps before telling the locals its all clear for example.

-5 points for the reload animation on the lever action rifle not accounting for the amount of bullets already loaded

As mentioned earlier you can join the children of atom, upon arrival to their submarine base you’ll see a test of faith in progress. Basically an execution. It sets the tone for everything that follows and you’ll find a lot of similarities between the children of atom and the Caesar’s legion from fallout new Vegas. They definitely feature some of the more interesting quests!
Speaking of which i really liked the tower defense / portal puzzle quest and the almost treasure hunt that follows.

-10 points for crashing to dashboard.

The main quest line wasn’t as long as i expected it to be and some of the endings are a little underwhelming, even disappointing. The side quests and sheer amount of new locations makes up for that though and so long as you pick the sarcastic option all the time you’ll find a lot of laughs.

Fallout 4’s Far harbor gets an 8/10