Camera fixes

So for starters fixing the issues i had with the camera wasnt imeditetly obvious at least not until i started messing around with the lamp lights and the shadows they cast. However setting the clipping plane to 10,000 more or less solved all my issues.

  • the jittering of shadows on certain terrain stopped
  • the circular shawod the camera cast over the fighters was moved 10,000 points away
  • The draw distance increased allowing things behind the gates to be visable.


Lighting changes 

I’ve added more lights to the house windows and included more lamps in the darker corners of the screen to ensure the character models are well-lit and that the shadows don’t over lap and cause jittering between frames, conflicting shadows from different light sources cause the jittering so its important to limit the range of each lamp source to its imitate area (range on the light source inspector) i also have ensure the intensity of the light source its higher than the main light source so the area they are in is actually lit! The light is also tinted orange as it’s “artificial” (yes i know it all is but in the context of the map the lamp light is artificial).

The main direction light has been moved behind the camera and rotated at 90 degrees to ensure the shadows cast by the audience arent super long. The intesisty has been lowered to give the effect of a dusk / night setting

As you can see from the image above the lamp light doesnt cast showdows outside of it’s area effect. On the left image the shadow on the house is the same as the shadow on the right image even though the lamp is on. The light is just making an area brighter and thats it!

Map changes

Most of my time has been spent on the map this week, mainly because i’m just playing it by ear and moving things around until they look good/ coming up with ideas on the fly rather than working off of concept art and pre-planned layouts.

A large portion of the original map has been deleted, i have increased the size of the cullis gate as the size of the character models had dwarft it complelty, some of the houses that have lights attached also have smoke coming out of the chimeny. The actually fighting area has been halved as i felt it was too big and a large asortment of probs have been dotted about, some of which block of hte road.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see i have added a number of NPCs currently there are three types, Cheering, sat down drinking and sat down eating. The cheering NPCs have 5 different animations that they switch between every 2.5 seconds, currently a basic random number gen is used to switch the emotes at random. Both eating and drinking NPCs have 2 animations using the same method. Evenutually i will improve the quaility of these NPCs but they will do for now!

Lastly weather effects are being cut for now. The frame rate drops to about 5FPS when low intensity snow was being generated during a CPU vs CPU fight, i will come back to this at a later date.


So far I’ve only changed the fighting scene UI, it’s a bit of a steep learning curve. I’m already very familiar with unity’s UI system however when it come to actually designing symmetrical perfect health bars without the use of code (which makes life much easier) its a bit testing for me, it’s doesn’t help I have very little patience for UI as it is combined with the fact that I use a laser mouse from pound land…..

But I powered through and I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I do still have a few niggles with it due to UFE not performing what it’s supposed too (I’m probably missing something obvious)

  • When losing a round there should an X rather than a square in the correlating round box
  • The health and manna bar background image should reduce along with the actual health bar, it looks ugly when your low on health and have no manna

The main pain in my ass was the portrait photo, it looks ugly no matter where I put it and the size of the image needs to match the size of the prefab AND fit inside the background circle.

So first off I had to get a portrait of the dwarf and set it to the right size ratio, then set up the prefab over the top of the circular background. Editing its position in real time made everything much easier but did crash the game engine a few times …..

Once I had the correct position and size I needed to make the image circular which wasn’t too hard, I simply cut a circle shape into the image using the image editor selector and created an new file with a no fill background.

I’ve also decided to remove the timer from the fights. In fight club the fight ends when you tap out or get knocked out.


The combination of all my work this week, not too shabby!

Dont know about you but i think this was a much better way of making a dev diary

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