Odds and sods

Started with a little maintenance this week by fixing a few things i noticed that had been bothering me for a while when testing CPU vs CPU

The mirrored version of Agnurs backwards dash (left side screen) had an odd delay to it that the right side didn’t, there was no work around this as thats how UFE changes animations otherwise Agnur would have his back to the player standing on the left side of the screen.

without a mirror
With a mirror at the same frame

To get around the issue i simply added force to the Y axis and shortened the X force so the odd animation plays whilst airborne and looks more natural.

I’ve also added the correct hit reactions for Agnurs stance and idle animation, plus during the intro there is now a splash name that runs across the screen which i will be adding too later on when i have more patience for animating text

Splash text for each character, will add to later on


Agnur’s FX

The new FX asset I’ve purchased is great bar one issue…the color changing scripts that came with it don’t work so i have to change all the FX colors manually, making any changes to the prefabs a really long process. grrr.

Started by changing the FX that spawns when blocking a hit. It was too simple and i didn’t want to have a universal effect for all the fighters. A mage wouldn’t block with his fists like an ork….

When changing the blocking effects, realized i need to attach particles on hit reactions rather than on the actual blocking animation as it duplicates on hit, Block -> gets hit -> block hit animations plays -> back to block animation -> block particle effect spawns again. so you get two particle effects per hit rather than one.

  • Craftmans hammer
  • Craftmans hammer x3 – uses the same effect as the normal move
  • Lightning flash – has been changed to pushing an opponent into a lightning strikes
  • Dwarven defib – is now an explosions that hides the multi hit jittering
  • Thunder charger – doesn’t have any FX and is now a move for switching over to a different side of the screen.

all 5 moves in play

BoneKraka’s FX

It didn’t do as much with Bonekraka as i did with Angur, mainly because there was still a bit of a learning curve when it came to FX and particles and secondly because i burnt out and hit a creative wall…. however i did manage some changes that’ll act as a base for later on when i can find the motivation to continue them

  • The ultra move now has a charge and explode animation, but the explosion doesn’t have any hit boxes yet
  • the skull throw has been changed to a energy ball that does work but could do with some more tweaking, it also needs a hit reaction effect
  • The sonic slap is using a dark sword slash for now
  • summon skull is now a wall of fire that moves across the screen but again has no hit boxes added to it.

some of the FX from this week

New character

I finally got bored of messing with FX with no clear vision or goal in mind so I’ve moved onto a new character and this time i will see it through to the end. Unlike last time i’m using Bonekraka as a base for the character which makes setting up new files and pathways a hell of a lot easier!

I’ve already got a name- Lilaith a female demon

So far all the hit boxes have been done and I’ve managed to sort some moves out

  • air punch
  • dash back
  • dash forward
  • uppercut
  • leg sweep
  • knee kick
  • axe kick

Not massive amounts of things to talk about this week as a lot of my time was spent going back and fourth coming up with ideas for what FX should go with what moves ect ect But i’m looking forward to getting a lot more done next week!

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