It’s a mix of mad max, borderlands and mirrors edge. Perfectly put together and balanced out in a way that makes me crave more of everything.Dying light came out quite a while ago but the addition of the new DLC has renewed my interest in the game. And frankly it’s at a bargain price! So how can I resist!

Original campaign You take control of Kyle Crayne, an undercover operative sent to retrieve data for an organization called the GRE. It’s the standard massive company causes outbreak for profit
story mixed with classic stop at nothing to find a cure for yourself subplot.

-5 points For characters clipping through objects and walls and sound effects or music cutting out before they have finished playing.

-5 fuck Rahim. Trying to make me care about some kid that ends up dying mid way through the game. Rahim got what he had coming.

I would deduct points for the constant fetch quests however they do encourage the player to venture out of their comfort zone and into the total shit storm that is the rest of the map.

Dying Light’s combat is at its best during melee fights due to the sheer brutality of the kill animations. Stamping on a zombies head or cutting them in half with a double bladed axe couldn’t be more satisfying. To survive, players must scrounge for loot, which is essential to both crafting items and repairing weapons. The crafting system is simple and easy to use, creating items requires discovering  blueprints, finding the items needed and crafting the item.

Battles are hard but fun,  the effectiveness of the equipped weapon play a major role, the zombies you face can become a damage sponge until you craft a more deadly weapon. Early on in the campaign, it can take more than 20 hits to kill a normal zombie. Top tip between levels 1 to 8. Run.

Once you’ve leveled up you gain better weapons and more useful abilities , you become a warlord of death! Being able to drop kick a zombie off a roof never gets old, as does kicking the legs from underneath zombies and burying a bastard sword into their chest. Guns are powerful but cause more problems than they solve, the noise they make just attracts
more zombies than you were already fighting.

which brings me to one of my favorite parts of the game. Trolling your co-op partners.

1.Use car alarms or fire crackers to bait zombies outside a safe zone then wait for your friend to get cocky and throw Molotov at them as they attack the zombies you’ve attracted and enjoy the show
2.Simply throw a Molotov at your friend when they are climbing, especially entertaining when that player doesn’t have a grapple hook and has to follow the set path that takes for ever!
3.Throw grenades at the feet of powerful zombies and watch them fly into the air, fall back down and surprise attack your fellow team members.
4. Repeatedly set off car alarms no matter what you are doing.
4.(The following DLC only) steal your partners car and leave it surrounded by zombies
5.(The following DLC only) use the remote to set off your car alarm and then drop mines when once zombies surround it, much more entertaining when you detonate it in proximity to your co-op partner.
6.(The following DLC only) At night find a large group of Volatiles and lure them to the closet tower, make sure you and your partner die. When you re-spawn you’ll find all the infected are in the tower with you and spawn kill you if you’re not quick enough.

When you can’t fight it’s time to run away! Parkour is the life blood of dying light, it works as well as you’d expect jumping from roof to roof, scaling walls ect ect. However when you finally unlock the grapple hook you’ll find more often than not the player will not grab onto the ledge you intended to climb and instead fall to your death over and over again. It gets increasingly annoying when trying to progress through a climbing puzzle.

-5 points for the grapple hook bug
-2 for the endings unwanted parkour increased difficulty

The main missions consist of either avoiding or plowing through the zombie hordes on your way to a point on the map. Some missions require more exploration, but even those boil down to heading to a spot on the map and searching the marked area for an item of interest.

Nearly every mission in the campaign is fun, the real variety comes from the side missions, as players encounter more characters and objectives that demand exploration, including the persistent side quest of re-securing safe zones across the map. Randomly occurring mini missions also pop up as you traverse the map, giving you the option to help fellow survivors fend off attacking zombies, with rewards that make it worth it.

As the name implies, Dying Light is most tense when the sun sets. During the daytime, you feel as though you have a chance and rarely find yourself in a situation you can’t fight your way or of or run way from. This changes when it gets dark.
One word. Volatiles – powerful, fast, and fucking scary ass zombies that only spawn during
the night.

Most of the time leaving a safe zones during the night will equal death, the temptation the players are given to go out and explore is provided by increased XP gains. (This can be abused if near a safe zone). When night comes it means night, you can’t see a thing, everything looks like something else, its the best simulation of fear of the dark in a video game i have ever experienced. Its something every gamer should try at least once.
Nothing compares to hearing a Volatiles delighted scream at finding you and the chase music that follows as you scramble over tiled roofs to the closet safe zone. Its not the penalty of death that drives you its the fear of seeing a Volatiles up close and personal before it eats your face that makes you want to flee to the closest safe zone.

The experience points you gain is distributed to three separate categories within the character leveling system dependent on what you did to earn it. killing a zombie = attack, surviving night = survival and jumping from roof to roof = parkour . Each category contains separate skill trees, players can develop a character that caters to their unique play style, whilst also encouraging them to play in a well-rounded fashion.

Be The Zombie mode
In “Be the Zombie” mode, players assume of the role of a super-powered zombie as they defend their nests from human attackers across the map. These zombies are a fun to control, as they can grapple through the map using tendrils that work well for quick movement (same as a grapple). Once the human target is in sight, you can use a vicious pounce attack (must be stealthily executed) is all it takes to quickly dispatch of the invaders. The mode doesn’t deliver the most depth, but it’s a fun addition to an already robust open-world game.

The Bozak Horde
This DLC was a horde mode set in the stadium that can be seen from any point in the city. Players looking for a challenge at the end of game would turn to this until the “the following” was released. Nothing bad to note but nothing great either! Can’t complain about more of the same quality content!

The following
Set in a map that is twice as large as the two previous maps  The Following gameplay wise is the same as the rest of the game. But with a twist….a drivable dune buggy! Players can use it to travel across the game’s world quickly and mow down enemies. It has its own separate skill tree, weapons; including spikes, flamethrowers, UV lights, electrical cages and other upgrades can be added to the buggy to increase its combat abilities. The buggy’s performance and efficiency are affected by factors including the power of its suspension, engine, and brakes.

More of the same is just better! Other than the same troubles with parkour there isn’t anything bad to say about it. Night is a lot harder than it was in the city, but that isn’t a bad thing either! When you reach the 20+ levels things become a little too easy.

Dying light and DLC gets an 8/10 – buy it now

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