Apologies for the month long wait for another update! Originally i was going to leave it for two weeks as i didn’t have much to write about from the first weeks worth of work. Then complications arose and i kept pushing the update even more! Anyway…………. it’s been a busy month.

Week 1 –


Introducing Lilaith the daemon

She’s 90% finished. Only have the move FX, sounds and balancing left to do!

Unlike the rest of the fighters i’ve made so far she’s very fast and favors kicking rather than punching. She started off as a wicked witch of the woods and was going to be floating the entire time, however the skirt for that model didn’t work very well when i came to all the kick attacks so i moved onto this model instead.

Used the same process i used for Agnur and Bonekraka to get started

  • Hit / Hurt boxes
  • Changed animation location files
  • Converted from Bonekraka’s template to the female fighters
  • Each move – damage, force, speed, FX, required stance, slomo, input, chain moves were all changed, tweaked, tested and changed again.

hence why i didn’t have much to talk about the first week. A lot of time is spent ensuring a characters moves, animations and reactions work correctly, when i first started this project i though i could get 1 character per week. No chance. I’m still learning and find ways to improve them all everyday.

Annoyingly the color changing script in the FX package i’m using doesn’t work so i have to do this manually via copying shaders and particle effects i want then changing them myself.

I didn’t know this the first time around so when i made Angur’s FX and moved onto Bonekraka i ended up changing Agnur’s FX and messing everything up! Hours of tweaking wasted! Grrrrr

Week 2 –

After the depressing mistake i made with the FX i decided to take a break from them and move onto fixing some issues i’d been having when playing with a controller and the lack of speed Bonekraka had when fighting.

Starting with the speed bonekraka fights i delved into the world of chain moves.

Chain moves for Axe kick

The point of chains moves is to bypass the xtra time each moves has to get the character back to the idle state. e.g. using the axe kick move means you cannot do anything until that animation is finished. If you were to press the punch button slightly too early it wouldn’t register and bonekraka would’t react.

As you can see from the above image there is a lot of time after “Axe kick” has caused some damage for another move to be performed, the top chain link is for crouched moves. This is because upon finishing the kick the character is in a crouch position. Only after the character has stood back up ready to return into the idle position is the normal attack moves allowed to be input.

This is the basis for combo moves and will be exsplored some more later on in the polishing stage, for now i’m content with making the fighters more fluid and easier to control.

Speaking of which when playing with a controller i was rarely not using the left analog stick to move the character around whilst pressing buttons to attack. This is a problem as the inputs for some moves require the analog stick to not be touched. An easy but very time consuming fix.

alternative input for controllers

I had to add an alternative inputs for ever single basic move for all the characters. It took about a day! In some cases i had to change other move inputs because they conflicted after i’d changed the basic ones. It works now though.

i also added chain moves to Agnur and Lilaith as its only fair!

Week 3 –

Introducing the next new fighter! Raulf the heart breaker.

Just like Lilaith i used the same process to get him up and running….however he is currently using Bonkraka’s moveset as the is own move set was over ridden in a really really dumb bug. I’ll get to that later.

In better news i managed to fix the hit reactions problems i’ve been having with all the characters! YAY! it turns out that they were all using automatic speed when playing the stand up animation so some of them were getting up wayy to soon a looking really strange whilst others would be 0.1 seconds to late and look even dumber. But it’s sorted now.

the get up from stun / crumple still needs some work but i’ll get there!

Week 4 –

I lost it all. Every single characters profile was overridden by boneKraka’s stance when i was changing the hit reaction times. i don’t know how it happened but when i clicked apply changes it change Agnur’s move set into Bonekraka’s……gone forever. The same for the other two characters…and im still trying to recover from it.

It’s taken most of this week and more than likely most of next to get it back.


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