So it’s been a while since the last update. I’d be lying if it was because i was working on the game so much, although i lot has been changed and i have lots to talk about i’m no closer to finishing than i was a month ago.

Firstly i managed to recover most of the fighters and data i’d previous made. Unfortunately the big spiky knight was corrupted and a large portion of his moves were gone. So started over again on the fourth fighter. It could have been worse.

Change log


  • I have changes the shape and size of his block FX so it now covers most of his body upon hit and faces the right direction when using the “mirroring” tech
  • The lightning in his intro has been removed
  • The text forming his name has been dimmed to a less reflective white
  • The hammer that Agnur throws now looks more like a hammer and the FX has been removed / changed to something more in keeping with the tone of the game.
  • The gem stones that glow on his chest and his eye have been dimmed
  • The lightning strike that comes from above after the “double fist slam” move has been moved further right.
  • Agnur now has the correct reactions to stun.


  • The elbow dive move has been reworked to look less clunky, the front slip isnt as high any more either so he does not jump over the other fighter
  • The clap FX has been reduced to just a shock wave
  • The spin FX has been removed completely
  • Ultra FX changes slightly but is still a work in progress
  • The “break dance” move has been deleted entirely to be replaced with another move.
  • The speed at which the get up from knock down/ stun / crumple as been sped up to match the speed at which BoneKraka moves, this has fixed the jittering and now looks much better.


  • Removed the white particle FX from the dark throwing orbs
  • bicycle kick’s height and distance has been changed
  • the reactions speeds to knock downs/ stuns/ crumples has been changed to make them less jittery and play the full animation.
  • Most FX for her attacks need to be reworked, but are good enough for now.

Baug – the viking fighter name may change later

  • Dash movements improved to be less jerky and less jarring to look at
  • ultra move is usable but not finished

Problems, fixes and new features

Reaction animations have been a pain in my ass ever since i started this project, partly due to the animation library i’m using having root animation applied to it and in some case unfinished animations and in the others parts from my understanding of the game engine.

Thankfully that stress is over now, as i’m using the “death” and “revive” animations for each class to get them back on their feet (or knock them down). I have also found that speeding the animations up is better than slowing them down as the game engine only allows a certain amount of frames for a knockdown animation to play or a stun animation to be used. So when i was setting the get up animation at 0.2% speed it was only playing 30% of the animation before it was cut off and the character went back to being in the their idle position.

Some of these animation played too quickly after changing their speed to 1.5X faster so i added the slow mo effect but only to effect that player so we can see what they do to get up!

Another problem I’ve been having is the FX location relative to their attached character as they will follow the rotation and location of what ever limb i attach them too. The best way around it is to make an empty gameobject at 0,0,0 then make the FX a child of that object. this way i can change the location of a beer in real time, copy over the data and then vola! the beer is in the right location every time.

The first level was set at night / dusk and the lighting for the lamps, house lights, fires and characters was all wrong. Not only that but it still look really dull. The background was solid grey and really didn’t look finished.

So i downloaded two simple assets from the same guys that do the characters simple sky box and sky box lighting.

As you can see the left image is with the filter and sky box and the right image is without. MUCH better.

However this presented another issues, when loading the level the correct lighting filter for that level needs to be loaded, it took a little digging but i managed to fix it.

When returning to the menu screen, the profile section = NULL

Each level will have this script attached to it but with a different profile to load, when in the menu screen / not in a level the profile is set to Null

The Website has once again changed, i’m aim to have all four character pages up and a game page along with a steam page and an itcho page. The Nintendo switch development kit has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo so i’ll be focusing on PC for now.

Next weeks Goals

  • Full GUI rework
  • Character pages and game pages up or at least drafted
  • Downloadable Demo on the front page along with a small video

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