Lots and lots of progress made over the past few weeks! With the added bonus of a DEMO freely available to download now from the homepage.

You’ll find when starting the game it’ll jump straight into a CPU vs CPU battle, you can get out of this by pressing ENTER and going back to the main menu.

Change log

  • The camera and player shake on hits has been removed for light and medium attacks and only slightly increase for heavy hits
  • The game pause for hits has be completely removed
  • The camera location during fights has been changed

Viking port – Post processing or volumetric lighting enabled.

The first of two new levels i have created. This one is based in the remote north home of one of the fighters, a cold unforgiving environment makes cold unforgiving warriors.

Above clip has Post processing or volumetric lighting disabled.

The main features currently implemented are the water FX and animation, The snow particles and the sky boxes / lighting. The port is a little empty at the moment but i plan to fill with CPUs that have a wandering script.

Sky box still needs a little work

The Viking port is my favorite level so far as its required a little more technical / code work. Level design isn’t my strongest suit.

The Village level has less environment effects but a lot more NPCs, its not finished as of yet but its playable. There is a much bigger crowd to cheer you on here (due to the story), i plan to include animals, breakable scenery and usable objects in the future.

I’ve also experimented with my animation controllers rather than creating tiny scripts for simple animations, such as smithing, it a huge time save and uses up less space but isn’t very sophisticated right now, once i get to the polishing stage i hope to add some more depth to it with some AI behaviors e.g when the fighters get closer to the CPU smithy they’ll cheer rather than ignore the fighting and continue smithing.

The GUI has had some work done do it. Twice. I decided to invest a bit more money into assets for animations for GUI components. It’s still very much a work in progress and i’m still learning but i enjoying the challenge

I plan on making the Tavern the “hubworld” so when selecting characters to fight the camera will move to that characters locations with a breakdown of their stats and some info on the character background.

I have also manage to hard code locations for the camera to move to when clicking on buttons to go to other GUIs, its been a little more vexing than is should be as i dont have the source version of UFE and have to make do with only the basic c# files. As you can see it doesn’t look all that bad.

Lastly i’ve been messing with Post processing and volumetric lighting for the past few days its a steep learning curve but im getting there.

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