Agnur Storm Fist

He’ll drink you under the table or throw you through it


Introducing the very first fighter of Fantasy Fight Club Agnar Iron fist an alcoholic dwarf with a mech golem for a body-guard. For what he lacks in size he makes up in raw speed, a well-rounded fighter designed to suit launcher combos backed up with the power of his super moves.


⦁ dwarf grabbing bigger fighters looks dumb

⦁ dwarf fingers look dumb/fucked up

⦁ big fightes will strugle to hit dwarf

⦁ crumple animation looks dumb

⦁ super move dosents juggle oppoents

Basic Moves

Dash forwards = Right*, Right*

Dash backwards = Left**, Left**

left jab = T

left hook = Y

High kick = G

back kick = H

kick flip = Right*+ H

Gut slam = Right* + Y

Low right jab = Down + Y

ankle punt = Down + G

leg sweep = Down + H

upper cut = Down + T

airborn jab = Up, T

spin kick = Up, H

iron heel dive = Up, G

Iron dive = Up, Y

leg break = U

Blocking = J

Block whilst crouching = Down + J


The old one two = T, Y, Right* + Y

Crouching dwarf hidden back flip = Right* + Y, Right* + H

Iron slam = Down + T, Y

Crimson chin= T, Y, H, Down + Y

Special moves

Throw hammer = Down, Right*, T

Super throw hammer = Down, Down, Left**, T (requires 50% gauge)

Double fist slam = Down, Right*, Y (requires 100% gauge)

Summon Suit = Down, Right* + J

(* direction player is facing || ** direction player isnt facing)