Always remember to finish off your opponent, if you can. No man ever ran away with his entrails hanging to his knees, or his head cut off

Agnur- 12:37 – Tavern Interview – 30AD


Like Bonekraka, Agnur has very little protection and relies heavily on his own strength. If given the option Agnur would wear more protective armor but anything that can weigh you down in the water is a big Viking no.

The helmet’s horns are hewn from dragon bone, a dragon that agnur himself slew seeking a perfect death. Both arm and leg wraps are also made from the same dragons hide.

Agnurs boots have studded bottoms to increase grip on the deck of his ship.

The wedding band is made of crude pig iron and is worth very little but Agnur will die protecting it


Agnur has the least amount of health of all fighters

Agnur has the standard amount of manna

Agnurs speed is average but his damage is higher than smaller fighters


A terror of the seas, most of his time is spent raiding costal towns and villages.

His wife is a shield maiden and just as deadly in combat as he is, she will come to his aid when things are most dire.

The quality of his equipment and weapons are relatively poor and wouldn’t even be worth stealing.

Has very little rest and is always on the move looking for the perfect death.

Founding member of the Fantasy Fight Club association

Fighting style / Attacks



Agnur seeks a perfect death at the hands of the greatest warriors of the known world.