The only good ‘ooman is a dead ‘ooman. An’ da only fing better than a dead ‘ooman’z a dyin’ ‘ooman who tell you where ter find ‘is mates.

Bonekraka – 13:47 – Goblin cave fighting championships – 32AD


Unlike most of the other fighters Bonekraka doesn’t rely on advanced equipment, weapons or magic and instead uses his natural orish strength. The claw on his left fist being the only exception, but it’s only use is to inflict more pain rather than damage.

Both his gloves and shoes are made from goblin hide, used as a status symbol within ork society.

Like most orks Bonekraka has a very thick skull and a very small brain, he will use his head to attack just as much as his fists

Bonekraka sports a belt stolen from the body of his first human kill, it is his prized possession.


Bonekraka has twice a much health as the smaller fighters

However he has much less manna, being an Ork his knowledge of magic is next to zero.

Bonekraka’s speed is also worse off but this is made up for the raw damage of each of his attacks


Champion of the goblin cave fighting tournament, gained infamy and the name BoneKraka during the night raids on human towns and villages.

Leader of a large war band made up of Orks, trolls and Goblins.

Currently resides deep beneath the mountains outside the kingdom of men.

Spends most of his time fighting with the dwarves over “sparkly gubbins”

Founding member of the Fantasy Fight Club association

Fighting style / Attacks



Under an uneasy truce with the other races, BoneKraka entered the capital of the kingdom seeking dental care. Unable to pay with the standard ork currency he now must compete in the FFC to obtain enough gold to pay for his dentist.