You wash orcs backsides and enjoy it. Your mother was commoner!

Euric- 16:24 – Tavern Interview – 30AD


Euric is small in stature and doesnt hit as hard as some of the large fighters, to make up for this his equipment is lighter than air and does not hinder his movement speed, making him incredibly agile.

The gauntlets are dwarven smithing gauntlets made to resists the heat of even dragon fire, they are almost impossible to crush. They can take upto 500 PSI.

The boots weigh almost nothing but just like the gauntlets are made to resist fire and extreme pressure.

The magical gemstones in Eurics bandoleer provide a light for mining, they also protect the user from cave ins with reactive magical shield


Euric has the standard amount of health

Euric has the standard amount of manna

Eurics speed and air combos are much much faster than the larger fighters


Exiled from the dwarven kingdom for sleeping on guard duty. He moves from human village’s and towns as blacksmith.

Even among dwarves he is considered a engineering genius and has a steam power mech suit as a traveling companion / body guard.

He fell asleep on guard duty after drinking too much which allowed the roaming war bands of Orks into the dwarven kingdom that now infest their halls.

He has never told anyone how he lost his eye.

Founding member of the Fantasy Fight Club association

Fighting style / Attacks



Euric is on a quest to find the greatest ale in the kingdom, his journey starts in a back alley tavern in the capital city of man .