Try your hand at Commanding Earths fleet successfully for 10 years of WAR!

Based upon one of the very first games ever made “Hamurabi” take charge of earths mighty fleet, conquer entire solar systems, sell planets into slavery and harvest valuable dark matter in this text-based RTS.

Built upon the first game I ever made, a simple yet very addictive little game that has inspired grander ideas.

Specs & Download

Language: Java

Platform: PC

Genre: Text based adventure game

Download: Galactic Conquest.jar

​How to run:-

Download the file from the link above and save it to your desktop*.

Open your command prompt and type the following.

java -jar “Desktop\Galactic Conquest.jar”**

*Requires latest java update

**You can save the file anywhere you want however you will need to type in the location the file was saved in, Desktop is recommended since its simple.

Rules & How to play


  • The game lasts 10 years, with one year being one turn.
  • Each year, you decide on how many planets to sell for Dark Matter. Dark Matter is used for fueling your fleet.
  • Each year you can decide on how many ships to dismantle for Dark Matter.
  • Each ship needs 20 tons of dark matter a year to fight, without fueling your fleet you cannot invade at full strength.
  • The price of each planet changes each year no thanks to the fools you left in charge.
  • Every time you use ships to conquer worlds you risk losing them.
  • Each year something happens within your empire that you cannot control, for good or bad you must address the situation to continue the war effort.
  • At the end of the 10th year your command will be evaluated and you’ll be ranked on upon progress.

How to play:

Follow the instructions and enter in numbers using your keyboard, letters will not work. Pressing ENTER submits the number you entered.