It is your turn to make history, be the first man on the moon!

A clone of one of the first computer games that employed graphics and sound: the ‘Lunar Lander’. You are tasked to land a spacecraft on the moon under the following three constraints:

  • The craft has to land in a specific area
  • Fuel is limited
  • Time is limited

​Good luck.

Specs & Download

Language: Java

Platform: PC

Genre: Arcade

Download: Lunar Lander.jar

​How to run:-*


Double click

Play – Super simple!

​*Requires latest java update

WARNING: Occasionally the program will not close correctly, go into task manager and end the process. This can occur multiple times.

Rules & how to play

The Rules:

  • ​You cannot fly out of the window
  • You only have 100 points of fuel
  • If left to drop the ship can only hit a certain maximum speed
  • Thrust has a maximum speed
  • Moving left and right does not use fuel

How to play:

  • Only the keys “W”,”A” and “D” do anything within the game
  • ​W = thrust
  • A = move left
  • D = move right