Based upon ‘dragon ball z’ and a series of abridged episodes on youtube where the voice overs for the characters have been re-recorded and given a more comedic script. A section of these episodes involves ‘Gohan’ being harshly trained by a one time villain of the series ‘Piccolo’ this spouted a repeating joke  where ‘Piccolo’ would yell dodge and then fiercely attack the child.

Specs & Download

Language: Actionscript

Platform: PC

Genre: Top down arcade game

Download: Piccolo’s dodge training.swf

How to run:-

Download the file from the link above and save it to your desktop*.

Right click the file and open it in an internet browser**

*Requires flash player. Download here.

** To get the right size screen you must make sure the window is not in full screen mode, just drag the top of the window down until it re-sizes.

Rules & How to play

The Rules:

  • The player is always moving and cannot stop.
  • Health starts at and never exceeds 100 points.
  • One energy ball is spawned every 2 seconds or so, there is no limit to the amount that can be spawned in game.
  • Energy balls will bounce off the walls and rocks placed around the map.
  • The player can’t fly over the rocks or over the boundary walls.
  • Upon death the player is taken to the game over screen and can start the game again.

How to play:

  • Left arrow key rotates gohan anti-clockwise.
  • Right arrow key rotates gohan anti-clockwise.
  • Space bar fires a ball from gohan in the direction he is facing.