Defend the ship from Attack

Based upon the classic arcade game “asteroids” with a twist. This is an unfinished build and was part of a 1 week game jam, best played on a mobile device.

Specs & Download

Language: C#

Platform: IOS & Android

Genre: Space Arcade

Download: planetdefender.exe

​How to run:-

Download the file from the link above and save it to your desktop*.

Double click to open.

Rules & How to play


  • Asteroids spawn constantly with a limit of 10 on-screen
  • All asteroids are at random sizes, speeds and damage
  • Player can only drop bombs if the limit hasn’t been reached
  • Bombs destroy themselves after 2 seconds
  • Player has a limit of three boosts and direction changes
  • The game is endless

How to play:

Tapping anywhere on-screen that isn’t a button will drop three bombs in a row at the players location. Tapping on the buttons will activate the corresponding power to be used unless that button has hit zero.

Features coming soon (2019)

  • particle effects for asteroid movement and destruction
  • particle effects for “bombs”
  • visual damage for ship / planet
  • points system
  • game over and start screen
  • ads and/or micro transactions
  • more levels & reasons to progress