Fight your way through the enemy to defend mother Earth!

Based upon one of Unity’s basic game templates and converted into 2D. This is an unfinished build and was part of a 1 week game jam, best played on a mobile device.

Specs & Download

Language: C#

Platform: IOS & Android / PC

Genre: Space Arcade

Download: shootyshootyspacegame.exe

​How to run:-

Download the file from the link above and save it to your desktop*.

Double click to open.

Rules & How to play


  • Player’s shield has 5 hits before breaking
  • Player with no shield has 1 hit before “gameover”
  • Both time attack and arcade mode last forever
  • Player automatically shoots

How to play:

  • If on a mobile device tap either side of the screen to move the ship in that direction
  • If on PC use the WSAD keys to move around

Features coming soon (2019)

  • boss fights / survival mode
  • player power ups
  • story mode
  • improved particle effects
  • more enemy
  • App store / google-play store download