Can you make your fortune in a land of dangerous monsters, unfriendly tribes and treacherous lands?

Heavily influenced by the texted based multiplayer game “Legend of the green dragon”, This RPG does not hold your hand , its brutal and additive.

Specs & Download

Language: Java

Platform: PC

Genre: Adventure RPG

Download: The Village Idiot.jar

How to run:-

Download the file from the link above and save it to your desktop*.

Double click on The village idiot.jar”

*Requires latest java update

WARNING: Occasionally the program will not close correctly, go into task manager and end the process shown in the picture to the right.

Rules & How to play

The Rules:

  • You need 2000 XP to gain one level, XP resets each time you achieve a new level.
  • Every time you level up you gain health, attack and defense.
  • You can only buy up to 99 of certain items in the market.
  • When health reaches 0 its game over.
  • In battle all attack damage is calculated to incorporated defense, if your attack isn’t high enough you can’t do any damage.
  • Resting in the inn will heal you.
  • While exploring, every time you move there is a 1% chance of encountering a battle

How to play:

  • While exploring W = up   S = down   A = left   D = right
  • While in Town press the highlighted letter to do that action e.g.  —Walk to the castle– is done by pressing “W”

Known bugs & errors

  • Pressing the buttons to attack before pressing the button to begin battles results in always winning
  • Pressing button to attack after winning continues fight and gives you infinite XP gold
  • Race bonuses are not balanced
  • Animations in battle play at the screen refresh rate
  • Potions do nothing
  • A lot of items are overpowered or too expensive
  • Art sucks
  • No way to win the game
  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Sames messages sometime overlap each other